Sunday school activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

A Good Friend

An activity to show children how God can use our friends to help in times of need and how we should have patience to let God answer our prayers.

A Kind Search

The children will learn to look for ways to be kind.

A Piece Of Saul's Robe

In this coloring activity, children help King Saul find the missing corner of his robe that was cut off by David.

A Secret Message

The children will discover a secret message about Jesus.

Airplane Prayers

A fun team building activity that helps teach children to pray for others.

All Around Town

A fun activity that teaches the importance of having a dependable map.

Balloon Thoughts

Do you ever wonder what is inside your friends’ heads? Jesus wants us to put Him first in our thoughts.

Be Quiet! Be Still!

A fun pretending activity to show how Jesus can calm the storms in a young person's life.

Being In Heaven

In this activity, children choose some of the things they would like to be able to do in Heaven.

Biblical Time Travel

Children love to pretend. This fun, make-believe activity prepares the children for today’s Bible lesson.

Birds Of The Air

A counting and coloring activity that helps children learn their left from their right, while learning that God cares for the creatures He has created.


An activity to help children realize some of the hardships of being blind.

Boaz Was Kind

While completing this activity children will learn about Boaz’s kindness to Ruth and Naomi.

Born Of The Spirit

Children connect the pictures that belong together while learning the difference between being born on earth and being born again of the Spirit.

Box Surprise

The children will guess the contents of each box to learn about living for Jesus.

Build And Protect

This activity will help young children gain an understanding of the obstacles that Nehemiah faced while rebuilding the wall.

Build It Together

Children learn how teamwork can benefit our Christian service as they have fun building a structure together.

Building The Church

The children will have fun building a church using their bodies.

Burning Bush Maze

Children find their way through the maze of branches in the burning bush seen by Moses.

Busy Or Growing Closer To Jesus?

An activity to help young children know how and when they are giving proper attention to Jesus.

Calm, Peaceful Environment

The children will learn how to create a calm, peaceful environment to rest in the Lord.

Catch It If You Can

This activity will teach children how hard tasks become easier when we listen to God's instructions.

Choose The Wise One

We honor God by making wise choices.

Circle Of Friends

An activity to show how friends are special gifts from God.

Classroom Rules

An activity to teach children that the world and their classroom is a much better place because of rules.

Collage Of Forgiveness

The children will create a class project to learn about forgiveness.

Color God's World

Children learn to identify the country they live in and see how beautiful God made the world.

Colorful Love

Using shapes to represent colors, children create a colorful picture of a heart and cross resembling a stained glass church window.

Come Aboard

Children come aboard the boat to show how much Jesus cares about them.

Count All Nine

The children will enjoy learning about the nine characteristics representing the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Count It All Joy

Children use teamwork to spell the word joy.

Count Your Blessings

A simple activity that will help children acknowledge how blessed they truly are.

Counting Tower

A counting activity to help children improve math skills, while learning about the "Tower of Babel."

Covenant Of Love

Through this activity, children will gain an understanding of covenants, while making a keepsake to take home.

Creation Blocks

A fun activity to help the kids learn about the seven days of creation.

Cross Or Empty Tomb?

The children will match the events to Jesus’ death or resurrection.

Daniel & The Lions!

Children enjoy solving the puzzle, while learning that God protects us.

Daniel Eats Vegetables

Children discover a simple but very effective way to make the right decisions.

David Stones

A great activity to complement the story of David and Goliath using personalized stones.

Digging Scripture

The children dig to find a Bible verse, repeat it aloud, and encourage their classmates to do the same.

Don't Forget To Listen

Children have fun while learning the importance of listening for Jesus.

Draw A Cross

The children will learn to draw a cross.

Draw The Penny

Children will have fun learning about the percentage of tithing to God.

Draw Your Expression

Children will have fun recognizing their facial expressions as both givers and receivers.

Eat A Locust

An ugly but tasty snack activity to remember John the Baptist.

Egyptian Discovery Bin

An exploratory​ activity that help children learn about Egypt.​

Evidence Of The Invisible

An activity to help children understand the invisible world around them.

Exploring The Gifts Of The Wise Men

In this activity, children will use their senses to explore similar gifts to those that the wise men gave Jesus, and they will learn how valuable these gifts were.

Extend Your Hand

The children will enjoy reflecting and drawing things that they have enjoyed giving to others.

Eyes Of The Heart

Let the eyes of the children's hearts be enlightened as they solve this puzzle. Ephesians 1:18

Eyes Of The Lord

A coloring and drawing activity to reveal how good it is to have the eyes of the Lord watching over us all the time.

Fairness Treasures

This activity helps children learn that God is fair when He gives us treasures.

Faith Wall

The children will learn what it takes to build a “wall” of faith.

Fear Not!

Children will acknowledge their fears and learn how to trust in the Lord.

Fix The Pictures

The children will learn that it takes action to make something right.

Following God's Instructions

Children learn the importance of following God's instructions.

Forgive From The Heart

The children will race to the heart while learning about forgiveness.

Forgiveness Is A Gift Of Love

A counting activity that teaches children that forgiveness is a gift of love.

Forgiveness Puzzle

The children will color and create puzzles as a reminder to forgive.

Forgiveness Web

The children will have fun practicing telling each other that they forgive each other.

Friends Rub Off

Children see how friends, whether good or bad, can easily rub off on us.

From Last To First

In this activity, children demonstrate that sometimes it pays to be last.

From The Wilderness

The children will complete a maze and color the pictures to remind them to serve God by telling others about Jesus.

Fruit Loop Prayer

The children will practice praying by using fruit loops.

Giants In The Land

An "I Spy" activity based on Israel's search for the "Promised Land"

Gifts For Jesus

This activity provides the children with three gifts that they can give to Jesus to celebrate Him and His birthday at Christmas.

Gifts From The Heart

This activity will teach children that God does not care if our gift is large or small, but rather He looks at the heart from which the gift was given.

Gifts Of Thanks

The children will open gifts to discover different ways to show thankfulness.

Give God Your Best

Children will color two pages, one sloppy, and the other as neat as possible, to learn how God desires the best from us.

Giving And Receiving

The children will enjoy an activity that will demonstrate how to give and receive.

Giving My Best

A fun activity to show how making the right choice is always the best.

Giving Stickers

The children will enjoy receiving a sticker to enlighten them of their feelings and expressions when giving and receiving.

Go The Extra Mile

Children will practice going the extra mile to show love to their enemies.

Go Through Jesus Maze

Children must go through Jesus to complete this maze. There is no other way.

Go To The Jordan River

A singing, jumping, lively journey to the Jordan River to find John the Baptist.

God Gives Us Tasty Things To Eat

Children enjoy coloring their favorite foods as they learn that all good things come from God.

God Is Great

The children will find pictures to learn about God.

God Is My Helper

The children will discover just how much God provides and helps us.

God Is With Me When I'm Scared

Print an activity page for each child in class.

God Knows Best

This puzzle teaches an important truth and helps children improve their fine motor skills.

God Loves Me!

A fun writing and coloring activity that teaches children that God loves them

God Provides

An activity to help the children understand that God provides for everyone in different ways.

God Speaks In Many Ways

Children discover some of the many ways God speaks to those who follow Him.

God's Star

A coloring activity to help the children learn that God loves them and knows them by name.

God's Sticky Mercy

This activity will stick in the children’s memories as they participate in an activity about God’s mercy.

God's Word

A fun writing activity that teaches children about the Bible.

Good Deeds

Children discover the importance of doing good deeds for others.

Good Fruit, Yucky Fruit

The children will learn that we produce good things when we obey God.

Good Or Bad Decision?

The children will identify decisions that please and displease the Lord.

Good Or Bad King?

The children will respond to prompts that describe good and bad kings.

Good Or Bad News?

The children will learn that sometimes we receive good news, whereas other times we receive bad news. Either way, our response to the news is the most important part.

Goodness And Mercy

The children will enjoy creating footprints to understand that goodness and mercy follow believers all the days of their lives.

Got Fish?

An old favorite but with a few new surprises.

Grumble Jar

The children will reflect on all the things about which they grumble, argue, and complain. They will repent and ask God for forgiveness.

Guess What You Hear?

Children guess which sounds are made by different items, and learn that Jesus knows exactly who we are when we pray.

Hard Questions

Children learn that wisdom comes from the Lord and that we all have pieces of wisdom.

Have Compassion

The children learn about compassion by matching the events and coloring pictures.

Head To Heart

A simple puzzle helps young children connect head knowledge with the heart when learning about Jesus.

Healthy Choices

An activity to help children think about making healthy choices.

Heart Of The Matter

The children will understand that there are many benefits when giving with a cheerful heart.

Hearts Of Love Hunt

An Activity and a Craft where children search for missing hearts that once found make a special gift of love.

Hello, My Name Is...

Children have fun guessing whose name belongs to whom as they pretend to be like some very special people in the Bible.

Help Me Get Well

An activity for preschoolers to identify items that can be used to help people get well.

Help Us Grow

Children learn that God wants us to grow both physically and spiritually.

Helpful Discoveries

The children will discover items they can use to help others.

His Love Endures Forever

The children will create a paper chain to learn about God’s forever love.

Honor Balloons

This activity will help children identify different ways to honor God.

How Jesus Fed Five Thousand

Children match the correct basket to the number of loaves and fish shown.

How Many Loaves?

Children learn about God’s provision through this cut-and-paste activity.

How Tall Was The King's Statue?

A fun activity to help help younger children understand how tall King Nebuchadnezzar's golden statue was.

Hugging Hearts Collage

The class will create a group project about forgiveness.

I Can Learn About God

Children make a small book that teaches them about God.

I Can Obey

This activity reminds children that it is important to obey their parents.

I Spy A Giant Killer

An "I Spy" activity based on David and Goliath.

I Want That One

(Coloring Activity) As followers of Jesus, we should not have favorites, but love everyone.

I Want The New

The children will enjoy learning why it is so fun to have new things and connect it with why God wants us to desire new things in Christ.

I Want To Hold On Tight

The children will enjoy learning why it is important sometimes to let go and let God.

I Will Honor God

The children will participate in an activity to help them identify ways to honor God.

If We Are In Christ

The children will have fun singing a song and walking around while learning a Bible verse.

Immanuel - God With Us

A colorful activity to help the children see that God is with us in the person of Jesus, as described in Matthew 1:23.

Importance Of Forgiveness

Children learn the importance of forgiving others, as God forgives us.

It's A Beautiful World

Children discover that God created each kind of animal and gave them all a special place to live

Itchy, Smelly Bed

Children create the manger scene, but first they must find all the parts.

Jealous Or Thankful?

This activity helps children understand that our jealousy is wrong but thankfulness is right.

Jesus And The Soldiers

The children will complete a maze and learn about Jesus’ death.

Jesus And The Soldiers Story Book

The children will create a book to retell the story of Jesus and the soldiers.

Jesus Holds Everything Together

The children will work together and learn about Jesus’ ability to hold everything together.

Jesus In A Manger

Children use size and shape to add missing objects to this scene before coloring.

Jesus Is His Name

A fun Christmas activity that will take the children back to the day when Jesus was born.

Jesus Is...

With this activity, children select five pictures that describe who Jesus is.

Jesus Loves You!

Children enjoy solving the puzzle, while learning an important truth.

Jonah Rhyme

The children will learn a rhyme about Jonah.

Jonah Stick Puppets

The children will create puppets and then use them to retell the story of Jonah.

Joseph In Egypt - Count And Color

Students learn about grouping items together using Joseph's adventures in Egypt as the basis of the activity.

Joseph's Beautiful Coat

As children obey instructions, they get to help create a color coat, like the one which was given to Joseph.

Joseph's Coat Of Many Colors

Children learn about mixing colors, while creating a coat of many colors for Joseph.

Keep Tossing

The children will enjoy having unlimited chances to successfully toss bean bags into a bowl.

Keys To Godly Wisdom

Many things are valuable, but nothing we desire is more valuable than godly wisdom.

Ladder Of Angels

A fun way for children to pretend they are angels going up and down a ladder just like in Jacob’s dream. (Genesis 28:12)

Last Stop

The children will have fun reviewing their journey around the classroom on the Psalm 23 Train.

Leaders Symbols

The children will identify symbols for various types of leaders.

Leapfrog Scripture

Children memorize scripture by jumping and repeating their memory verse.

Leaping And Dancing For The Lord

Children leap and dance before the Lord as King David did when the ark of God entered Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 6:14)

Let's Go To Church!

A fun activity that encourages kids to go to church.

Lift & Learn - Armor Of God

A fun activity that encourages children to listen and interact, while learning about the Armor of God

Lift & Learn - Baby Jesus

A fun activity that encourages children to listen and interact with the story.

Lost & Found

Children learn to celebrate the return of their friends.

Love And Justice

Children pretend to look through God's eyes and choose between love and justice.

Love Your Neighbor

An activity to help children learn how they can love and help their neighbors.

Magnet Discovery Room

The children will discover materials that attract magnets.

Mary Or Martha?

An activity where children pretend to be a worshipper, like Mary, or a worker, like Martha.

Matching Hearts

The children will match ways to serve God with all of their hearts.

Mighty Fortress Maze - Easy

The children will complete the maze and learn about God’s protection.

Mixed Up Builder

An activity that helps children recognize different shapes and improves hand-eye coordination.

Most Important

Children discover there are many important things, but nothing is more important than Jesus.

Move On Down The Line

Children will practice giving without expectations of receiving something in return.

Musical Instrument Petting Zoo

The children will explore playing musical instruments and worshiping God.

My God, What Do You See?

A fun activity that helps children understand that God sees everything.

My Help Comes From The Lord

Children learn that their help comes from the Lord, while decorating Psalm 121:2a.

Needs Verses Wants

This activity will help children learn the difference between a need and a want.

Nehemiah Stands Firm

The children will enjoy a cut and paste activity to remind them that despite difficult times, they can stand firm and believe the impossible.

Noah Matches Up The Animals

Children help Noah pair up the animals with this fun activity.

Number One

(Coloring Activity) Children race to finish their activity first while learning that sometimes being first is last and being last is first.

Obey Your Mother

This activity helps children understand that God wants us to remember our parents' teachings.

Obstacles And Opposition

The children will have fun seeing how hard they have to work to build a structure after obstacles are introduced into the mix.

Official Messengers

The children will learn that they are messengers for God.

Oil And Water

A fun experiment to introduce children to one of the properties of oil while helping them gain an understanding of how oil was used during biblical times.

Old Things, New Things

The children will divide new and old items to discover how Jesus changes hearts.

One Block At A Time

Children discover which types of activities help them build a solid foundation on Jesus Christ

One Team Number

Children will understand that they belong to one team—God's team.

Orange You Special

God created people who are different, but all are special in His eyes. A sweet activity using oranges.

Out Of The Cave

Children have fun creating their own caves. Then, they help David and Saul get out from deep inside. (1 Samuel 24)

Outdoor Love

The children will go on a nature walk to observe God’s love as shown through nature.

Palm Branch Maze

Children find their way to Jesus through a maze of palm branches.

Patience, Please

Children will be enticed to enter a tent filled with scrumptious candy, but encouraged to wait until the end of the class, because then it will be even better.

Paying For Sin

The children will participate in an activity to teach them that only Jesus can pay for sin.

Perfect Picks

This activity introduces children to the importance of making good choices.

Picture Balloons

The children will tape prayer requests onto balloons.

Picture Perfect Verses

An interactive activity that helps children memorize simple Bible verses.

Play-Doh Leaders

The children will take turns leading the class to make play-doh creations.

Power Of The Cross

Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins, and give us a way back to God.

Practice Makes Perfect

This activity will help children recognize the feeling of jealousy, and learn how to be thankful for the good fortune of others.

Praise Hand Print

The children will use a hand print to praise God through prayer.

Prayer Of Contentment

The children will identify discontentment or contentment in their own hearts.

Prayer Picture Scrolls

The children will draw pictures of prayer requests.

Prayer's Power Of Protection

The children will enjoy a brief activity that will teach them how to apply prayer's power of protection.

Prepare The Warrior

Children review the different parts of God's Armor needed to prepare for spiritual battle.

Psalm 23 Train Station

Children will enjoy taking a journey around the classroom to help remember Psalm 23.

Psalm 5 Kids Prayer

The children will practice creating their own prayers.

Queen Esther Jigsaw Puzzle

Children improve their fine motor skills while having fun putting the picture together.

Rahab Helps The Spies

Children put pictures of Rahab hiding the spies in order according to the Bible story.

Reach For The Stars

The children will have fun collecting stars as they think about shining like a star for Jesus.

Red Flag, Green Flag

This activity helps children understand that God expects us to think about our decisions before we act.


The children will learn about repentance and turning to God.

Remember Me

An activity to help children remember Jesus.

Remembering Jesus

A snack activity that will help children understand the importance of the communion service.

Righteous Path

The children will enjoy a fun activity that demonstrates how the Holy Spirit leads us on a path of righteousness.

Robot Walk

Although we may not hear His actual voice, God will guide us by touching our hearts.

Rules Keep Us Safe

An activity to teach children that parent's rules and God's rules are designed to keep us safe.

Safety Objects

The children will identify objects that keep us safe to learn that God is our Refuge.

Salvation Balloon

Children participate in a colorful demonstration that will help them share the steps of salvation.

Sandal Contract

Children learned how people during the days of Ruth redeemed land and made the transaction legal by removing their shoe.

Seeing The Kingdom Of God

Children discover how only those who are born again will see the Kingdom of God.

Servant Dress Up

The children will practice being servants as they play.

Shadow Shapes

The children will learn about God’s shadow of protection.

Share The Joy

A fun activity that teaches children that there are many ways to share our joy from Jesus with others.

Share What You Have

Children share what they have to complete a project for the greater good.

Shine For Jesus

The children will learn that when they shine for Jesus they can make a difference in the world around them.

Show Love

The children will draw hearts around the examples of love.

Showing Love Or Not?

Kids quickly decide if what you say is showing love and kindness or not.

Showing Thankfulness

The children will act out good and bad ways to show thankfulness.

Showing Thanksgiving

Children will identify behaviors that show thanksgiving.

Sidewalk Chalk Challenge

The children will use sidewalk chalk to learn about God’s everlasting love.

Sink The Boat

The children will enjoy a fun activity that demonstrates how vast the fishermen’s catch was with Jesus’ help.

Stand Up And Be Counted

A fun, happy, flashy, active, counting activity for preschoolers using the numbers 1 through 10.

Star Search

Children search for matching stars because Jesus is the Bright Morning Star.

Stars In The Sky

"Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That is how many descendants you will have." Genesis 15:5 NLT

Sticky Note Faces

The children will identify times when it is easy or hard to show thankfulness.

Stop And Turn To Jesus

Children learn how to make turning to the Lord and trusting in Him a good habit in their lives.

Stop, Drop, And Pray

Before reacting in a negative way, it is always best to stop, drop, and pray.

Stop, Look, And Listen

A coloring activity using safety tips for crossing the street to help children learn how to stop, look, and listen for Jesus.

Streamer Time

This activity will be a visual for the children to identify the colors in the rainbow and introduce them to one of God's most memorable covenants.

Tell Me About Jesus

The children will create a book to use to tell their friends about Jesus.

Tell Me The Message

Children will color pictures to learn two special messages.

Temple Builders

A puzzle that improves children's hand-eye coordination and number recognition, while they learn about the temple built by King Solomon.

Tent Makers For Jesus

The children will learn to tell one another about Jesus while working together.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

This visual activity helps children identify their feelings as they say and hear the words "thank you."

Thanks Challenge

The children will arrange letters and learn how to spell “thanks.”

Thanksgiving Plate

A fun activity that helps remind children of the many things for which they should be grateful.

The Beauty Of God's Creation

Children discover that God has created a world of beauty for us to enjoy.

The Garden Of Eden

Children enjoy completing a make-believe picture of the Garden of Eden by adding missing pieces.

The Goodness Bag

The children participate in an activity that rewards them for showing God’s goodness to others.

The Helping Tour

The children take a quick church tour to visit places where people help others and serve God.

The Lord's Picture Prayer

The children will use pictures to complete the Lord’s Prayer.

The Lord's Staff

The children will enjoy decorating a staff as they learn how shepherds used this tool.

The Party’s Over

The children will learn that true joy doesn’t come from the world but from Jesus, and the joy He gives lasts for eternity.

The Unmerciful Servant

The children will act out a story to remind them to be merciful.

Think And Thank

Children have fun thinking of cool ways to thank Jesus for their many blessings.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

The children will practice identifying good and bad decisions.

Traveling To Egypt

The children will help Jacob and Moses travel through the maze to arrive in Egypt.

Treasure Jars

The children will learn that God is the ultimate helper because He provides for us.

Trusting The Provider

Children will see a visual demonstration of how God provides in different ways when we give to Him.

Turkey Hunt

Children will have fun finding turkeys and thanking God for His many blessings.

Using Words In A Kind Way

Children learn they can choose what they say to others, but their words can be kind or unkind.

Verse Crossing

Children practice street smarts as they learn what the Bible says about being patient and brave while waiting for the Lord.

Visitor's Badge

The children will have fun making a visitor’s badge, which reminds them that their permanent home is in Heaven.

Walking On Water

Kids pretend to walk on water by stepping on some friendly creatures.

Watching And Praying

Children learn how to watch and pray to keep them from sinning or being tempted to disobey.

Ways We Care

Children take turns showing some of the ways they can show kindness and care for others.

We Need God

A connect-the-pictures activity page where the children see that most of all, we need God.

What Can God Do?

Children learn that God can do anything that He wants to do. We pray according to His Will.

What Comes First

Children discover that many things in life need to be completed in a logical order.

What Do I Need?

This activity helps children understand that God is fair when He supplies our needs.

What Do You Hear?

Children playfully come to understand that God speaks to us in a still, quiet voice.

What Do You See?

A fun activity that helps children learn to pay attention to details.

What Is Broken?

The children will learn that many times broken things can be repaired when we ask God for help and wisdom.

What Is Inside?

The children will enjoy a fun activity that teaches the importance of getting to know someone before passing judgment.

What Is Jesus Doing?

By identifying some of the things Jesus is doing, the kids learn more about their Heavenly Father

What's In Your Basket?

An activity to show the children how God provides in many different ways.

What's The Difference?

An activity to help children think about living their lives for God.

Where Did Jesus Go?

In this fun activity, children will get an idea about where Jesus went after He died on the cross, and what He is preparing for those who believe in Him.

Where Is The Helper?

The children will identify the helpers in the pictures.

Where Will You Place Your Coin?

Children will learn that God gives them ideas of where and how to give.

Who Do I Love?

The children will draw portraits of the people they love.

Who Do You Think About?

This activity encourages children to reflect on those they think about the most and encourage these people to live for Christ.

Who Is Forgiving?

This activity helps children learn that it pleases God when we forgive others.

Who Is God's Helper?

Children circle the pictures that show who is being a good helper for God.

Who Is Helping?

The children will identify helpers and color the pictures.

Who Is Jesus?

Children describe who Jesus is with the help of a few pictures.

Who Is My Master?

Children will have fun connecting the similarities between a pet hearing its owner’s voice and sheep knowing their shepherd’s voice.

Who Is My Mommy?

A Mother's Day coloring activity. First the children connect the babies with their correct mommy, then color the pictures.

Who Is The Lost Sheep?

Children take turns being the lost sheep while the shepherd guesses who is missing from the flock.

Who Needs Our Prayers?

An activity to help the children learn that everyone needs our prayers.

Who Should We Obey?

Some people we should obey, others we should not, but we should always follow and obey Jesus.

Who Will Obey?

Children decide which cartoon characters chose to obey.

Who's A Big Kid Now?

In this activity, the children learn how important it is to follow exactly the orders given by adults.

Who's Job Is It?

Children match up the cartoon characters with the jobs they do.

Win The Prize

The children will learn that the believer’s prize is eternity in Heaven.

Wise Men Search For Jesus

Children use the letter B to help the wise men find baby Jesus.

Worship God

A counting and coloring activity that teaches children about worship.

Yes Or No?

(Coloring Activity) Children learn the principle of saying yes or no, and what it means to keep their word.

Yes, No, Sometimes

The children will be reminded that God always answers their prayers!

You Go, I Go

An activity to help the children learn how to follow each other just as Ruth followed Naomi.

Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

Children put pictures of Zaccheus in the correct order according to the story found in Luke 19:1-10.