Sunday school activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Safety Objects

The children will identify objects that keep us safe to learn that God is our Refuge.

Salvation Balloon

Children participate in a colorful demonstration that will help them share the steps of salvation.

Sandal Contract

Children learned how people during the days of Ruth redeemed land and made the transaction legal by removing their shoe.

Seeing The Kingdom Of God

Children discover how only those who are born again will see the Kingdom of God.

Servant Dress Up

The children will practice being servants as they play.

Shadow Shapes

The children will learn about God’s shadow of protection.

Share The Joy

A fun activity that teaches children that there are many ways to share our joy from Jesus with others.

Share What You Have

Children share what they have to complete a project for the greater good.

Shine For Jesus

The children will learn that when they shine for Jesus they can make a difference in the world around them.

Show Love

The children will draw hearts around the examples of love.

Showing Love Or Not?

Kids quickly decide if what you say is showing love and kindness or not.

Showing Thankfulness

The children will act out good and bad ways to show thankfulness.

Showing Thanksgiving

Children will identify behaviors that show thanksgiving.

Sidewalk Chalk Challenge

The children will use sidewalk chalk to learn about God’s everlasting love.

Sink The Boat

The children will enjoy a fun activity that demonstrates how vast the fishermen’s catch was with Jesus’ help.

Spelling Babylon

The children will learn the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.​

Stand Up And Be Counted

A fun, happy, flashy, active, counting activity for preschoolers using the numbers 1 through 10.

Star Search

Children search for matching stars because Jesus is the Bright Morning Star.

Stars In The Sky

"Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That is how many descendants you will have." Genesis 15:5 NLT

Sticky Note Faces

The children will identify times when it is easy or hard to show thankfulness.

Stop And Turn To Jesus

Children learn how to make turning to the Lord and trusting in Him a good habit in their lives.

Stop, Drop, And Pray

Before reacting in a negative way, it is always best to stop, drop, and pray.

Stop, Look, And Listen

A coloring activity using safety tips for crossing the street to help children learn how to stop, look, and listen for Jesus.

Streamer Time

This activity will be a visual for the children to identify the colors in the rainbow and introduce them to one of God's most memorable covenants.

Tell Me About Jesus

The children will create a book to use to tell their friends about Jesus.

Tell Me The Message

Children will color pictures to learn two special messages.

Temple Builders

A puzzle that improves children's hand-eye coordination and number recognition, while they learn about the temple built by King Solomon.

Tent Makers For Jesus

The children will learn to tell one another about Jesus while working together.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

This visual activity helps children identify their feelings as they say and hear the words "thank you."

Thanks Challenge

The children will arrange letters and learn how to spell “thanks.”

Thanksgiving Plate

A fun activity that helps remind children of the many things for which they should be grateful.

The Beauty Of God's Creation

Children discover that God has created a world of beauty for us to enjoy.

The Garden Of Eden

Children enjoy completing a make-believe picture of the Garden of Eden by adding missing pieces.

The Goodness Bag

The children participate in an activity that rewards them for showing God’s goodness to others.

The Helping Tour

The children take a quick church tour to visit places where people help others and serve God.

The Lord's Picture Prayer

The children will use pictures to complete the Lord’s Prayer.

The Lord's Staff

The children will enjoy decorating a staff as they learn how shepherds used this tool.

The Party’s Over

The children will learn that true joy doesn’t come from the world but from Jesus, and the joy He gives lasts for eternity.

The Unmerciful Servant

The children will act out a story to remind them to be merciful.

Think And Thank

Children have fun thinking of cool ways to thank Jesus for their many blessings.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

The children will practice identifying good and bad decisions.

Traveling To Egypt

The children will help Jacob and Moses travel through the maze to arrive in Egypt.

Treasure Jars

The children will learn that God is the ultimate helper because He provides for us.

Trusting The Provider

Children will see a visual demonstration of how God provides in different ways when we give to Him.

Turkey Hunt

Children will have fun finding turkeys and thanking God for His many blessings.