Bible crafts for younger kids that are meaningful yet simple . Perfect for preschool Sunday school, VBS, or other children's programs! More information

A Lamb's Christmas Poem

Children create a lovable lamb, complete with a poem, to remind them of the wonderful birth of Jesus.

A Manger For Jesus

Children will construct a manger and “baby Jesus” out of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.

A Shining Star

A craft the children can hang up in their room or on a Christmas tree.

A Special Card From God

Children will be curious about what the message might be if God sent them a Valentine's card.

A Time To Help

The children will identify a time and a way to help others.

Alabaster Box

The children will decorate their own alabaster box to dedicate to Jesus as an offering.

Animated Prayer Hands

Children learn the importance of prayer, while having fun creating a set of animated praying hands.

Balaam's Donkey

Children create donkey ears headbands to reenact the story of Balaam and his donkey.

Bee Thumb-body With Jesus

A Bible craft that reminds kids that they're someone special with Jesus.

Blessed Mother's Day Card

The children will create a special card to honor their mothers, grandmothers, or other female role model in their lives.

Blessings Booklet

Children learn that they don't have to be a king, like Solomon, to be blessed by God.

Born Again Self-portrait

Children enjoy creating a self-portrait to demonstrate how it feels to be born again.

Celebration Shakers

The children will create their own instruments to worship God through music.

Colossians Prayer Book

The children will create a book to help them remember to pray.

Crown Of Jewels

Children create their own beautiful crown of jewels to show how special they are in God's Kingdom.

Crown Your King

Children create a crown they would like to give God as a symbol of being their King.

Cup Of Life

A Bible craft that teaches children how much Jesus loves them while they make a cup full of tasty treats to take home.

Descending Dove

A craft where the children can demonstrate how the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, came down upon Jesus when John the Baptist baptized Him.

Father's Day - Tie Card

Children create a craft to tell their fathers, grandfathers or other important male role models how much they are loved.

Ferocious Lions

A Bible craft that allows children use their creativity to fashion ferocious lions out of clay, in preparation for the lesson about Daniel and the Lion's Den.

Fold To Believe

This craft will help the children understand that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are One God.

Forgiveness Coin

The children will have fun making a craft reminding themselves that God’ forgiveness is unlimited and new every day.

Forgiveness In Jesus

Children make an edible treat which represents how Jesus died on the cross to forgive the sins of all the people in the world.

Fortress Flags

The children will create flags as reminders of God’s protection.

Give To The Poor

The children will enjoy making a craft to remind them that when they give to the poor they will lack nothing.

Giving My Best To Jesus

Children will make their own bottle of “perfume” and give their best to Jesus.

God Is Fair

A Bible craft to help children remember that God is always fair.

God Is Holy

Bible craft to remind children that God is holy.

God Is My Refuge

The children will create umbrellas as a reminder that God provides safety and rest.

God Is Rich In Mercy

Bible craft that reminds children of God's rich mercy.

God Listens When I Pray

The children will create a booklet to remind them to ask God for help through prayer.

God's Goodness Is The Best

Bible craft to remind children that God’s goodness is the best.

God's Rainbow

Bible craft that helps children remember that God keeps His promises.

God’s Promises

The children will create a jigsaw puzzle to remember that God keeps His promises.

Hands That Help

The children will make a craft to remind them to help and pray.

Healing Bracelet

Children will have their own special hospital bracelet displaying Jesus as their healer.

Heart, Soul, Mind, And Strength

A mobile craft to help the children remember the most important commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Mark 12:30)

Helper Puppets

The children create puppets to learn about helping others.

Helper Telescope

The children will practice looking for ways to help others.

Helping Hands

Bible craft to teach children that they are never too young to help.

I Am Ready

Children make a door hanger to help them remember to be waiting, watching, and ready for when the Lord returns.

I Am Thankful

Bible craft which creates a book to remind them to be thankful to God instead of envious of others.

I Believe

The children will create a mosaic picture about prayer.

Jacob And Moses Stick Puppets

The children will create puppets to retell the stories of Jacob and Moses in Egypt.

Jesus At The Door

A simple food craft for young children to show how Jesus is at the door and ready to let us come in.

Jesus At The Wheel

Jesus is our Lord, and He will guide us down all of life's many roads when we let Him sit in the front seat.

Jesus Is Alive!

Kids create an egg holder that will remind them of the true meaning of Easter.

Jesus Is The Rock

Children make a simple craft to remind them that Jesus is the rock of our salvation.

Jesus Love

The children will create a Valentine’s Day craft about loving others like Jesus.

Jesus Loves Me - Lace Up

A fun lace up craft that reminds children that Jesus loves them.

Jesus Loves Me This Much

A simple craft to help children remember how much Jesus loves them.

Jesus Pillow

As children drift off to sleep, they think about Jesus. Then in the morning, they thank Him for a new day.

Joash And Athaliah Finger Puppets

The children will make a craft to remind them to obey God.

Jonah's Second Chance

The children will create a craft about God’s patience.

Joseph's Robe

A fun chance for children to make their own version of Joseph’s fancy robe.

Joyful Jail Treat

A fun food craft to show how Paul and Silas gave praise to God even while in jail.

Keep Your Foot From Evil

The children will learn to act on what is good and not on what is evil.

Knock Knock

Children create a working craft to help them understand that they need to open their hearts to Jesus.

Lazarus Arise!

This craft helps children remember Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

Let Us Love One Another

A lesson about love from the midwives of Exodus 1:15-22.

Let Your Light Shine

Children learn that it is important to tell others about Jesus with this fun filled craft.

Lion Crackers

Lions become tasty treats for the kids as they remember how God protected Daniel in the lions' den.

Little People Puppet Stage

A delightful craft that allows kids to reenact Bible stories.

Looking Through God's Eyes

Kids have fun constructing their own pair of colorful binoculars to remind them that God is a God of love and justice.

Love Holds Us Together

The children will create a class craft to demonstrate God’s love.

Love Scepters

The children will make a craft about showing love as leaders.

Made With Love

Children will enjoy making a card for someone special, while learning that God doesn’t look at the size of the gift but rather the heart of the giver.

My Gift For Dad

Children make a special wheel to give to dad that shows how much they love him.

My Gift For Mom

Children make a special wheel to give to mom that shows how much they love her.

My Gift To Jesus

A colorful Christmas craft to show how children can give special gifts to Jesus.

My Loving Heart

Children create a heart pendant to remind them to show love and kindness to others as Jesus shows them love and kindness.

My Whole Heart

The children will learn that the contents of our hearts are important to God.

Naomi's Basket

Children will have fun gathering goodies and Care Cards for their moms, just as Ruth gathered food for herself and Naomi.

Noah Builds The Ark

Kids have fun building their own little ark with some happy animals.

Noah Listens

Kids make masks of Noah and the animals which can be used in games, skits, and songs.

Outnumber The Grains Of Sand

The children will enjoy making a craft to demonstrate how vast and numerous God’s thoughts are about us.

Paul In A Basket

A fun craft to help remind us that God can offer protection in unusual ways, like when Paul's friends lowered him from the city wall in a basket. (Acts 9:25)

Perfume For Jesus

This sweet smelling craft helps children understand how to give it all for Jesus.

Picture Boxes

A coloring project that will show how Jesus is there to answer our prayers and provide for our needs.

Pray For Your Enemies

Children will enjoy this craft as they learn to love and pray for their enemies.

Prayer Door

The children will make a craft about asking God for their needs.

Prayer Mats

A wonderful craft that the kids will remember for a lifetime. The kids enjoy praying while using their prayer mat.

Prayer Tree

The children will learn that prayer helps them grow in the Lord.

Prepare The Way

The children will make a craft to help them remember to tell their friends about Jesus.

Preparing Rooms

Children make a special room marker to help them remember that Jesus is preparing a special room for them in Heaven.

Promised Land Trail Mix

It is important to follow the leader's instructions, especially if the instructions come from God.

Rahab And The Spies

This craft helps children remember why Rahab helped the Israelite spies.

Rainbow Mosaic

The children will make rainbows to remember God’s everlasting promise.

Receive The Joy

The children will create a craft to remind them that God is holy.

Redemption Bracelet

Children will create redemption bracelets to help remind them that they have been bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus.

Ruth's Basket

Children design their own basket to collect grain like Ruth did in the field belonging to Boaz.

Say Cheese!

Children enjoy creating a camera that helps them understand what it means to be a cheerful giver.

Seeds To Grow By

A craft that helps children understand that certain activities will help them grow spiritually.

Seeking Binoculars

In this activity, children will create a pair of binoculars to remind them to look for Jesus and seek Him daily.

Serve God Everyday

Kids move up and down a footprint to show how they serve the Lord each day of the week.

Seven Good Years - Seven Bad Years

Children create a colorful grain silo to demonstrate the seven good years and seven bad years during the time Joseph was in Egypt.

Shadrach, Meshach And Abednego

God's angel protects Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace.

Shield Yourself

Children make a shield of protection to prepare for spiritual battle.

Sky Watch Hour

Children make a telescope they can use to pretend to watch for Jesus when He returns in the clouds.

Spit Out Jonah!

Younger children have fun watching the whale spit out Jonah and a few other things.

Sticky Hearts

The children will color hearts for one another to remember to stick together.

Team Jesus Flag

Children make a colorful flag to remind them that anyone who believes in Jesus as their Lord and Savior is a member of Team Jesus.

Thankful Placemats

The children will create Thanksgiving place mats to display their thankfulness.

Thankful Puppets

The children will create puppets and act out ways to show thankfulness.

Thankfulness Book

The children will create a book of ways to thank God.

Thanksgiving Basket

A simple, yet colorful basket young children can enjoy filling with God’s provisions.

Thanksgiving Placemat

A handy reminder for the kids that they have so many things to thank Jesus for during dinner time.

The Greatest Love

The children will create a craft to show that God’s love is the greatest love of all.

The Lost Sheep

A craft based on the parable of the lost sheep.

The Way To The Father

A pop-up craft to show how Jesus is the only way to the Father and to eternal life in Heaven.

This Is Me

The children will enjoy this exercise in self-reflection.

Throw Out Your Nets

Children create a Bible scene showing how Jesus miraculously helped His disciples catch many fish. (John 21:1-14)

Travel And Tell

This craft helps children consider items they would need to travel and tell others about Jesus.

Using My Treasure

The children will make a craft to remind them to obey God.

Water Into Wine

This craft helps children remember Jesus' first miracle, when He turned water into wine.

We Are One

A craft activity to teach children that Jesus and God are one.

Welcoming Door

Children create a colorful folding card to help demonstrate what happens when we welcome children and Jesus into our lives.

What Makes You, You?

A simple craft teaches children to focus on their differences and accept God’s handiwork.

What's In Your Heart?

Children fill their hearts with words to describe how they will treat others when they put Jesus first in their own lives.

White As Snow

A happy snowman to help the kids learn, "Your sins are like deep red cloth. But they can be as white as snow" Isaiah 1:18 (NCV)

Worship At The Cross

Children create their own cross to help them remember to stop and worship the Lord.