Bible crafts for younger kids that are meaningful yet simple . Perfect for preschool Sunday school, VBS, or other children's programs! More information

I Am Ready

Children make a door hanger to help them remember to be waiting, watching, and ready for when the Lord returns.

I Am Thankful

Bible craft which creates a book to remind them to be thankful to God instead of envious of others.

I Believe

The children will create a mosaic picture about prayer.

Jacob And Moses Stick Puppets

The children will create puppets to retell the stories of Jacob and Moses in Egypt.

Jesus At The Door

A simple food craft for young children to show how Jesus is at the door and ready to let us come in.

Jesus At The Wheel

Jesus is our Lord, and He will guide us down all of life's many roads when we let Him sit in the front seat.

Jesus Is Alive!

Kids create an egg holder that will remind them of the true meaning of Easter.

Jesus Is The Rock

Children make a simple craft to remind them that Jesus is the rock of our salvation.

Jesus Love

The children will create a Valentine’s Day craft about loving others like Jesus.

Jesus Loves Me - Lace Up

A fun lace up craft that reminds children that Jesus loves them.

Jesus Loves Me This Much

A simple craft to help children remember how much Jesus loves them.

Jesus Pillow

As children drift off to sleep, they think about Jesus. Then in the morning, they thank Him for a new day.

Joash And Athaliah Finger Puppets

The children will make a craft to remind them to obey God.

Jonah's Second Chance

The children will create a craft about God’s patience.

Joseph's Robe

A fun chance for children to make their own version of Joseph’s fancy robe.

Joyful Jail Treat

A fun food craft to show how Paul and Silas gave praise to God even while in jail.