Sunday school games to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More Information

A Chair For A Crown

Children play musical chairs for a chance to discover how special they are to Jesus and how much He loves them.

A New Me

The children will enjoy a card game while learning how to become new in Christ.

All Our Love

The children will play a memory game as a reminder that God deserves all our love, for He is jealous when we love other things more than Him.

Always Follow God

Children scramble to show how quickly they can follow God.

Are You Ananias?

Children pretend they are Saul after becoming blind on the road to Damascus, and try to find Ananias.

Balloon Race

The children race to organize balloons while learning about good and bad choices.

Beanbag Fairness

In this game, children have fun earning points as they learn about fairness.

Birth Of Jesus - Guess What's Missing?

Children learn the Christmas story by playing an interactive guessing game.

Bring The Cross To Paul

A game similar to "Pin the tail on the donkey," instead the children have fun helping Paul become strong in his faith by giving him the cross.

Caterpillar Chase

God will be our guide when we choose to follow close to Him.

Children Of Abraham

Children will be tickled to know they are included in Abraham’s count.

City Of David

Children try to run into the City of David before getting caught.

Collecting Wisdom

Children are introduced to the keys for obtaining wisdom through interactive play.

Colors Of Salvation

Children search for the correct color as they remember the steps for preaching the Gospel.

Colors Of The Rainbow

A colorful game that will have the kids scrambling for a seat on Noah's Ark.


A simple little game where children work together to quickly share a piece of color.

Crossing The Red Sea

Children imagine what it would be like to cross the red sea in this fast paced game

Crown The King

Children get to participate in crowning the new king.

Do We Match?

Children eagerly move around the room trying to find their matching animal.

Does It Please The Lord?

Like the familiar game "Mother May I?" but with a Biblical twist.

Does Jesus Love Me?

A simple, fast-paced, happy game to help kids share the love of Jesus

Dressed And Ready

Children quickly get dressed to show how they can listen and be ready for when Jesus returns.

Everyday Armor

Children learn the importance of putting on the full Armor of God, as they would dress warmly for a cold winter's day.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Fun for kids of all ages, where recognizing the three persons of the trinity keeps you in the game.

Fear No Evil

The children will have fun playing a fun, musical game similar to a cakewalk.

Find The Baby

In this activity, children will play a fun game of “Hide & Seek” to find the Baby Jesus using stars as clues just as the wise men did.

Find The Lost Lambs

Children search all around the classroom to find the lost lambs and bring them back to God.

Flying Dove

An action game that will have children flying around the room.

Follow Jesus

In this version of “Simon Says,” children must carefully watch for Jesus before following any command.

Gleaning The Field

The children will race to gather wheat pieces and learn about gleaning.

Go Fish

Children learn what it means to be fishers of men, with this classic card game.

God Calls You!

In this game, children find Saul as he tries to hide behind some baggage, and learn that bravery means answering the call of God.

God Says...

A fun game similar to Simon Says that will help the children learn to put Jesus first.

God's Forgiving Heart

This game teaches children that God’s forgiving heart never runs out of love.

Gospel Relay

The children will play a game about the importance of working together to share the good news of Jesus.

Guard The Heart

The children will learn to guard their hearts from sin.

Guess The Vegetable

Children are introduced to good habits in this fun guessing game.

Guess Who?

A fun game that helps children recognize that God created each of us in a very special way

Hard Work Pays Off

Children pretend to pick up grain like Ruth to learn how good it is to work for the Lord.

Head To Heart Tag

A fun variation of tag that will remind kids that the head and the heart have to stay connected in our faith.

Help Me, Brother!

The children will help one another complete an obstacle course.

Helper Ball

This game will help children practice coming up with ways to help in different situations.

Hop In The Spirit

Children learn the nine characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit while playing a fun, interactive game.

Hop To It

A fun variation of hopscotch game for children to help them memorize their Bible verse and get out some wiggles.

Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness

A relay race game to help the children understand what it means to hunger and thirst for righteousness.

I Am Your Friend

A guessing game to encourage friendship between classmates.

Immediate Response

The children will have fun responding to certain commands. At the same time, they will connect how Biblical characters immediately responded by praying during both good and bad times.

Into The Basket

A game of fast action and agility. Hurry, or you will be out of the game.

Jesus Cups

The children race to be the first to spell “JESUS.”

Jesus Helps Me See

Even when we are unable to see, we can still know Jesus is there for us.

Joseph Dreams

A simple fun game for younger children as they pretend to be Joseph.

Keep It Up!

Being an obedient child of God is an everyday thing. We need to keep it up!

Keeping Alert

Children see the difference between keeping alert while watching for the Lord and being unprepared for His return.

L Is For Love

Children will find the hidden letters to learn about God’s great love.

Let Go, Let God

The children will have fun letting their balloons go to see where they land while connecting the activity to how we need to know that God is in control and trust in where He is taking us.

Let's Celebrate God!

Children will have fun learning about different ways to celebrate God.

Like Mary Or Martha?

Two teams identify characteristics of Mary and Martha to win this game.

Listening Bingo

The children will practice listening first and acting second.

Lost And Found

Children scramble to find the lost sheep

Lost Sheep

A thrilling game of finding the lost sheep to remind the children how the Good Shepherd watches over His flock.

Love Chase

God so loved the world, He sent His only son. We can run, but can't escape God's love.

Love Is...

Children memorize Bible phrases regarding God’s love.

Match & Learn

Children increase their knowledge of God and improve their memory skills.

Match Our Hearts To God's

The children will play a simple game to learn about God’s love.

Matching Helpers

The children will play a matching game and learn about ways to help.

Miracle Food Drop

A fun game of catch to show how God can provide in miraculous ways.

Move The Blocks

The children will play a game to learn that God answers prayers.

Moving Day

Teams race to get packed so they can move to their new destination.

Musical Feet

Children make colorful drawings of their own feet to use in a game that helps them remember the story of Ruth when she lay down at the feet of Boaz.

Noah Says

In this version of “Simon Says,” dogs bark and beg, cats meow and lick their paws, and ducks quack and waddle

Noah's Mixed Up Animals

A fun game that can be used to tell the story of Noah's ark.

Obey Hide-And-Seek

The children play a game that encourages them to “find” ways to obey!

Oh Poor Jonah!

A good energy burner that teaches an important lesson.

Pass The Baton

Leadership changes hands quickly in this action packed game.

Pick Up Manna And Quail

A game to see how quickly the children can gather manna and quail, like the Israelites did when God provided for them in the wilderness.

Pillow Bridge

The children will use pillows to visually demonstrate Jesus bridging the gap between sin and God.

Pin The Rock On Goliath

A new spin on a old game. Are the kids as brave as David?

Plague Of Frogs

A crazy fast paced game where Pharaoh hopelessly tries to catch all the frogs.

Pool Noodle Race

The children will race to learn about persecution.

Prayer Buckets

The children will learn about different types of prayer requests.

Race To Forgive

The children will retrieve index cards and spell “FORGIVE.”

Rainbow Race

A fun game that helps children recognize different colors and improves their listening skills

Refuge Letters

The children will spell “Refuge” and learn about God’s protection.

Remember Prayer And Fasting

Children play a simple memory game to show that prayer and fasting are powerful ways to prepare for spiritual battle.

Rumble, Crumble

Children pretend a giant earthquake rumbles and crumbles the jail where Paul and Silas are held as prisoners.

Search For Jesus

A fun yet simple game for younger children about searching for baby Jesus.

Sticky Good Things

The children will identify good things that follow Jesus’ example.

Still Too Many

Children scramble to be the one with a balloon, or become eliminated from Gideon's army.

Storing Up The Wheat

Children race to be the first team to store up seven years of grain.

Team Army Crawl

In this simple race, the children will have fun showing their crawling skills and working as a team to reach the finish line.

Teamwork Hand Off

The children will work together in this fast-past game, while learning how teamwork helps them serve Jesus.

The Chase

Children pretend Saul is chasing David as David runs for his life!

The Friend Race

Each child will work with a friend to win a race.

The Good Shepherd And The Wolf

Can the good shepherd catch the wolf in time to save the sheep?

The Mat Race

A game where teams use a little skill and a mat to get the job done.

The Quiet Game

A challenging game to see who can keep the quietest.

Three Wise Builders

Children will play a game to remind them to be wise builders and build their lives around Jesus.

Trust Hopscotch

The children play a game to remind them to trust God.

Turkey Hunt

A fun Thanksgiving game for young children that involves patience and teamwork.

Warmth Of The Cross

Children are guided to find a hidden cross

Water Into Wine Relay Race

Servants race to fill the water jars for Jesus.

What I Want To Be

Children try to guess what another child wants to be when he or she grows up.

Where Are You Saul?

Finding Saul may be tricky. In this game, children learn that God always knows where they are and they need not be afraid.

Where Is Love?

A giant floor game to teach children that above all else, they should have love.

Working Together Race

Children will race against the clock in a three-legged race learning the importance of working together.