Rainbow Race

A fun game that helps children recognize different colors and improves their listening skills 


Noah, Rainbow, Just For Fun


Rainbow Race Cards [PDF] Click here
Card Stock


Approximately 10 minutes

rainbow race 


Print and cut out the Rainbow Race Cards on card stock paper. Print out enough cards so that each child in class has one card. The cards last longer if you laminate them.  



Before starting hold up each Rainbow Race Card and ask the children to name the color of the card that you are holding up. Repeat this process until the kids become familiar with the different colors.

Hand each child one card and explain that you will be playing a fun game called - Rainbow Race. It is okay if more than one child has the same color card. Ask each child to name the color card that they are holding. Explain to the children that you will be calling out different colors, if you call out the color on the card they are holding they get to take one step forward. If they step forward and their color has not been called they take one step backwards. When you call out rainbow, all the kids take one step forward.