Object Talks

Sunday school object Talks use familiar items to help get the Word of God into the hearts of children. Great for Sunday School classes, Bible lessons, worship time, and children's sermons. More information

Be Grateful For What God Gives You

The children show their thankfulness as they realize how our loving Father gives us all that we need.

Best When Open

A Bible is a wonderful book, filled with great stories and spiritual truths, but first we need to open it.

Birthday Party For Jesus

Everyday objects provide children with three gifts that they can give Jesus on His Birthday.

Book Fair

This object talk will teach children not to judge a book by its cover while relating it to how we judge each other.

Cactus Needles

A cactus has needles for protection, but we have the protection of God

Child Of God

An Object Talk that will have the kids talking about their Heavenly Father.

Clean Again

This object talk helps children understand God’s love for them.

Crumbling Walls

When we place our faith in God, even the biggest problems crumble.

Damaged Verses Undamaged

A godly reputation is only as good as the promises we keep. When we break our promises, we become damaged and untrustworthy.

Don't Hide Your Light

Children learn the importance of using the tools God gives us and how to be a light to those around us.

Egg Parts

An activity to teach children that God is made of three parts called the Trinity.

Empty Suitcase

A suitcase comes in handy when going on a trip, but we don't need one when we go to Heaven.

Feed The Dog

God loves puppy dogs and baby bunnies, but He loves us even more!


A simple object talk teaches children that finger-pointing is an act of judging.

First Things First

Children learn that nothing should come between us and our love for God.

God Can Hear Me

Talking with God is easy!

God’s Wonder-Working Power

Children will see the goodness of God’s Power while trying to use a remote control.

Good News

Where can you find the best news in the world? You can find it in the Bible, of course.

Grab Your Stuffy

The children will reflect on what they hold dear. Is it Christ?

Heavenly Piggy Bank

Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven.

If The Shoe Fits

Children will learn that having self-worth is better than being jealous.

Known By Our Fruits

What would you rather eat, a rotten banana or one that is nice and ripe?

Love Of The Father

An illustration to show the children the depth of God's love for them.


The children will enjoy an activity that teaches them about God’s newness each day.

No More Fears

Children will cheer when they learn how their fears can disappear.

No Way Across?

Jesus is able to restore the gap that sin created between men and God.

Powered By God

Toys may be powered by batteries, but we get our power from God.

Prepare A Place

Just as our parents prepared a room for us in their house, Jesus is preparing a place for us in Heaven.


Children identify the difference between developing godly and ungodly reputations.

Right Environment

Just as it takes the right environment to grow a beautiful flower, it also takes the right environment for us to grow spiritually.

Shaky Foundation

We need to build our lives on the solid foundation God provides.

Sharing Lunch

With Jesus, even the smallest of things can become amazingly great.

Sin Spoils

A little bit of mold can ruin a sandwich. Just like a little bit of sin, without Jesus can keep us out of Heaven.

Spread The Light

In this activity, children will discover the story of how the world became a dark place. They will learn Jesus came to be the Light of the World and how we, as followers of Jesus, must share the light to give hope to others.

Too Many Cookies

Many times we ask God to give us things that we may not really need.

Unbreakable Or Breakable?

As followers of Jesus, we should never break our promises.

Who Are You Going To Call?

The children will reflect and discover who they would call during a time of need.

Who Cares? God Cares!

During this discussion, the children will find that God cares about every person, and they should too.

Will It Fly?

The children will learn about believing God answers prayers.