No Way Across?

Jesus is able to restore the gap that sin created between men and God. 


Forgiveness, Jesus, Sin


Two Bath Towels
Empty Chair


Approximately 10 minutes

borken bridge 


Place the two bath towels on the floor end to end. Place the empty chair at one end and have all of the children stand on at the other end.


Before sin enters the world, God would come into the garden to be with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve could walk and talk with God. It's kind of like the towels I have on the floor, there was a path or bridge between Adam and Eve and God. One day something terrible happened! Sin entered the world. Sin is doing what's wrong instead of doing what is right.

Move the towels as far apart as possible. The fellowship that people had with God was broken because of Sin. There was now no way that people could interact directly with God. It's like the bridge or path was broken. It was the saddest day of all. There was a huge gap between God and man and there is no way that man could make it across to be with God. We are stuck at one end and God is all the way over there! What will we do?

There is good news! God loved us so much that He made a way for us to get to Heaven. Because of sin people die. God hates sin, but He loves us. God sent His only son, Jesus, to help us. Jesus took the punishment for our sins although He had never ever done anything wrong! When we ask Jesus to forgive us for the bad things we have done, He forgives us, and restores our relationship to God. Jesus is the only one that is able to carry us across the great gap that sin created when people first disobeyed God.