God Can Hear Me

Talking with God is easy! 




2 Cans or paper cups
Small nail and hammer
Long piece of string


Approximately 7 minutes

can phone


Before class use the small nail and hammer to punch a hole in the bottom of each can or paper cup. The hole should be in the center. Push the string through the hole in the first can and tie a knot at the end of the string so that it cannot pull through the hole in the can. Repeat this process for the second can.


Begin by asking the children to name ways in which we can communicate over long distances. (The list may include letter, e-mail, phone) Tell the children that long ago people used to send messages over something called a telegraph. A telegraph was a machine that would send a special code across wires. Telegraphs sent messages from one city to another.

Say, "I'll demonstrate this for you, but I need a volunteer to help me." Once you have selected your helper, ask the child to take one of the cans and walk away from you until the string is tight. Have the child hold the can up to their ear; let them know that you are going to pull the string taunt so they need to have a good grip on the can. Once the child has the can up to his or her ear, whisper, "God loves you very much." into your can. The child should be able to hear the message loud and clear, if not, try repeating the message a bit louder.

Over the years, things have certainly changed. We went from the telegraphs to telephones and from telephones to cell phones. We can now call someone we know just about any place in the world and the devices we use do not have to be connected by wires.

Boys and girls did you know that there is even a better way to communicate? It is called prayer. Prayer is the most powerful form of communication we have. When we pray, we talk directly to God. Prayer is the prefect way to communicate with God. Prayer will never change, it's the same today as it was hundred or thousands of years ago. We can talk to God anytime or any place by simply praying to Him.