Using Object Talks

You may be asking yourself, what are Bible object oalks, also known as object lessons, and how can they help get the Word of God into the hearts of kids. Object talks use every day items to illustrate Biblical and spiritual truths in a fun and meaningful way.

Jesus used parables many times to help us understand heavenly concepts. You can use object talks in much the same way. With object talks, the point of your story, lesson, Bible verse, etc. will stay with the children long after they leave the classroom. Everyday objects do more than add interest to the story, they act as constant reminders.

Object Talk Index:

Object talks are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Object talks with a green dot next to the title are available to everyone; whereas material with a purple dot next to the title signifies that membership is required. A brief description is next to each object talk. To view the actual page, simply click on the Title. Also, if you are looking for an object talk to use with a particular topic, try visiting our Topical Index section.

Object Talk Page:

Each object talk has one or more applications, that can be found at the top of the page, under the heading Topics. A list of materials that you will need to complete the object talk is provided under the heading of Materials. The estimated time it takes to complete the object talk is also provided.

What you will say and the actions you will perform during the object talk are then listed in an easy to understand format which will help children grasp the concept of the object talk.


Handout pages, when used, are in PDF form for easy and consistent printing. You can produce the number of copies needed using your printer or a copy machine. To print PDF files, you must have Adobe reader. To download the free program from the Adobe website, click here  

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