Powered By God

Toys may be powered by batteries, but we get our power from God. 


Happiness, Power of God


1 battery operated toy
A dollar bill
Picture of toys
Picture of a dog


Approximately 5 minutes

Toy car 


You will demonstrate that just as the toy needs batteries to work, we need God to be powered by God. Before class, take the batteries out of the toy.


Hi kids! I've brought a really cool toy to class today! The only problem is that I can't seem to get it to work? Look at the toy and turn it over in your hands. Say, "Ah, I see the problem! There's this little compartment underneath the toy, I bet that it's supposed to be filled with something, but what could that be?" The children will probably scream "It needs batteries!" but ignore their suggestions for now.

Take out a dollar bill and say "I wonder if this will work?" Insert the dollar bill, close the hatch and try the toy. Still no go! Remove the dollar bill and go through the routine again this time using the picture of toys. Next try the picture of the Dog. Finally take the kids suggestion and use the batteries. Ah now that's what the toy needed—batteries! The toy works great now. Give a little demonstration.

You know kids that's how it is with us. We can try all kinds of different things to satisfy us, but none of them really work. We could try money, toys, pets or a lot of other stuff, but none of them can satisfy us like God can. When we ask God into our lives and ask Him to take control, our lives have real meaning and purpose. So don't fill your lives with junk, instead fill your life with God!