Search for Jesus

A fun yet simple game for younger children about searching for baby Jesus. 


Birth of Jesus, Christmas


3 shoe boxes/lids (similar sizes)
Christmas wrapper, Scissors, card stock, tape, glue
Pictures of Shepherds, 3 kings (or Magi), sheep
and baby Jesus [PDF] Click here


Approximately 12 minutes



Decorate the boxes and lids with Christmas wrapper so each one looks similar. Print out the pictures above and cut out figures. Best if printed on medium or heavy card stock. Tape or glue the shepherd onto one box lid, the sheep onto another, and the 3 kings on the last box lid as shown above. You can also use old Christmas cards with these pictures. Then, hide the picture of baby Jesus in one of the boxes and close the lid.

To start the game, gather everyone on the floor in front of you and the boxes. Ask the children who they would like to follow to find Jesus. If they want to follow the shepherds, line up in front of the shepherd box. If they would like to follow the sheep, have them line up in front of the sheep box, etc. When all the children are finished choosing who they would like to follow, and lining up, then open the boxes one by one to finally reveal the correct box. Have the children turn away as you hide the baby Jesus inside a different box.

Play the game several times, allowing everyone a chance to guess correctly or until the children start to lose interest. Be sure to hide baby Jesus at least once inside each of the three boxes. You can also help younger children make the right choice.


When Jesus was born, He had visitors, three kings or magi, shepherds, even animals. It must have been really exciting and a joyful experience to see baby Jesus. Today, we will pretend to come along with these visitors to find Jesus. You must choose who you want to follow.