Beanbag Fairness

In this game, children have fun earning points as they learn about fairness.
by Leah Pittsinger


Fairness, Knowing God


4 beanbags
Painter’s tape (indoors)
Sidewalk chalk (outdoors)
Pencil or pen


Approximately 10 minutes

bean bag toss


Use the tape or sidewalk chalk to make circles on the ground within tossing reach of the children. Tape or write a 1, 2, or 3 inside each circle. Then make a line on the ground for the children to stand behind. Write the children’s names on the notepad to keep score.



Tell the children they will each have a turn standing behind the line to toss the beanbags one at a time into the circles. When they succeed, they will receive the points within the circle. Keepa tally of each child's points. Let the kids play as time allows. At the conclusion of the game, explain to the children that this game was fair because they each had the same amount of turns and chances to earn points. Also tell them God shows His fairness by giving us all equal access to His love, salvation through Jesus Christ, and forgiveness.

Consider bringing a small prize for the child who receives the most points.

Time-Saving Option: Use fewer beanbags.

Increased-Difficulty Option:  Instruct the children to stand farther away from the circles.