Turkey Hunt

A fun Thanksgiving game for young children that involves patience and teamwork. 


Animals, Provision, Teamwork, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving


Turkey puzzle pieces [PDF] Click here
Sample of completed turkey puzzle
Glue stick, Cardstock


Approximately 10 minutes



Before class, print the turkey puzzle pieces on medium card stock and cut out all of the pieces. Hide the pieces in different parts of the room, and make sure that they are within easy reach for small children. Have a large sheet of paper or poster board 11" x 14" to paste the finished turkey on. It should resemble the picture above.


As the children gather, explain to them that pilgrims hunted wild animals for food and turkey was one of the special treats they found for thanksgiving dinner. Then have the children look for the hidden items and bring whatever they find back to you. The children will find pieces belonging to the turkey, as well as parts from other animals.


A long time ago, the pilgrims hunted for animals to eat. Some hunted for fish, some for deer, but turkeys were the favorite. Today we are hunting for a turkey. We know how a turkey looks like but this one is in pieces. We need to put it together for the dinner table. You can pretend you are a great hunter, as you look for the pieces. When you find one, bring it back to me.

As the children return each piece, show how it fits, or say, "Sorry, this is not part of a turkey, it is a _____." After the puzzle is complete, share with the children how we can be thankful that God provides for us, but how we must also do our part and gather His Blessings.