Noah's Mixed Up Animals

A fun game that can be used to tell the story of Noah's ark. 


Animals, Noah, Protection


A wide variety of medium sized plastic toy animals, two of each.
(Should be large enough so as not to pose a choking hazard)
A box large enough to hold all the animals


Approximately 15 minutes

noah and animals 


Before class decorate the box to look like the Ark.  



Start by telling the story of Noah's Ark, how God gave Noah the job of collecting two of each kind of animal. Tell the kids that you have a fun game for them. Say, "Somehow all the animals got mixed together. Your job is to find the animal pairs and put them back into the Ark." At this point, dump the variety of animals out on the floor or tabletop and have the kids find the matches.

Once the kids have finished, ask them if they think Noah's job would have been hard or easy. Would it have been fun to take care of all the animals? What would be the hardest thing to do? What would be the easiest?