Colors of the Rainbow

A colorful game that will have the kids scrambling for a seat on Noah's Ark. 


Noah, Rainbow




Approximately 10 minutes

ark rainbow 


Place chairs in a circle, one for each child less one chair.  



One child will start the game by standing inside the circle of chairs, while the other children take a seat. The one in the center will say, “I see a beautiful rainbow, and in it I see the color ____.” The child will select and say one of the colors of the rainbow, for example “green.” Then, everyone sitting down who is wearing anything that is green must stand. Then quickly, along with the child who was in the center, scramble to find and sit down in a different chair. Whoever does not find a chair to sit on goes to the center, and calls out another color in the same manner, by saying, “I see a beautiful rainbow, and in it I see the color ____.”

Continue to play if possible until everyone has a chance to go to the center and call out a color.


Noah lived long ago, along with his wife and his sons and their wives. When God saw that the rest of the world was full of people doing bad things, He told Noah to build an ark. God was going to send a great flood to cover the earth. The ark Noah built was huge. It had plenty of space for everyone to come in and sit down. But no one except Noah’s family believed God would flood the whole earth. God would only save Noah’s family and the animals.

Just like in Noah’s ark, there is plenty of room for all of us in Heaven. We don’t need to scramble for a seat.

Jesus told us a little about Heaven when he said, “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.” (John 14:2) And I bet there will be pretty colors in Heaven too. What do you think?