The Good Shepherd and the Wolf

Can the good shepherd catch the wolf in time to save the sheep? 


Animals, Lamb, Protection, Shepherd




Approximately 12 minutes

wolf among sheep 


Start by choosing one child from the class to be the first "wolf." Have everyone else form a large circle about one arm's length apart and then sit down. All of the children sitting in the circle are "sheep," except one who will become the "shepherd" as determined by the wolf.

The wolf begins by walking around the outside of the circle. While doing this, he or she will tap the head or shoulder of each child in the circle, saying, "Sheep."  The wolf can say "sheep" to as many kids as he or she wants. However, at some point, the wolf will say, "Shepherd" while taping the head or shoulder of one child.

Upon hearing this, the shepherd must get up and chase the wolf around the circle. The wolf tries to get back to the empty spot left by the shepherd before being tagged. If the wolf gets to the empty space in time, the shepherd becomes the next wolf. If the shepherd is able to tag the wolf, the shepherd gets to return to the circle, and the wolf tries again.

Continue play until the majority of the children have a chance to be either the wolf or the shepherd. If the wolf is unable to get to the empty space after two tries, go ahead and pick someone else to be the wolf.

(To make it easier for the children to know who has had a turn and who has not, you can have each winner stand up in the circle instead of sitting back down. The wolf can only choose someone who is still sitting down to be a shepherd.)


We are going to play a game called "The Good Shepherd and the Wolf." Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." Jesus is saying that we are like sheep, and He is the one who will save us. Isn't it good to know that we have Jesus as our shepherd?

Sheep depend on their shepherd to keep them safe. There may be wolves out there, just waiting to snatch up a tiny sheep. The shepherd is always on the lookout for wolves. When one is spotted, what does the shepherd do? He chases it away. In our game, we will see if the wolf can get away from the good shepherd.