How To Use Crafts

Bible crafts allow children to create gifts to give to others or works-of-art that they can keep for themselves. Either way, crafts can create excellent opportunities to engage the children as they learn about Jesus. In addition to creating a lasting memory of the lesson for the children, crafts also have a way to touching the hearts of family members.

Craft Index:

The Craft Index is arranged alphabetically by title, with a brief description next to each idea. To view the actual content, simply click on the Title. To return to the index, use the "back" button on your browser. Each Craft has one or more applications that can be found at the top of the page. Use our handy Topical Indexes to find crafts that go with a particular subject or lesson objective.


Many crafts have printable templates, coloring pages, or cutout pages. When needed to complete the craft, you will find a link to these pages in the materials lists of the craft page. Additional instructions (type of paper to use, how to cut out stickers, etc.) are given in the preparation section of the craft or on the printable page itself. Most crafts are suitable using any version of the Bible. However, when appropriate, we provide a King James Version along with a New International version.


Printable templates, coloring pages, or cutout pages are in PDF form for easy and consistent printing. You can produce the number of copies needed using your printer or a copy machine. To print PDF files, you must have Adobe reader. To download the free program from the Adobe website, click here  

Taking Home a Craft:

Be sure to include the child's name somewhere on the completed craft. Some crafts require time for glues to dry, or colors to set. Have a suitable place within your classroom to store completed crafts until the children are ready to leave. Crafts that may easily come appart or otherwise become damaged should be given to the parents.

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