Bible crafts for younger kids that are meaningful yet simple . Perfect for preschool Sunday school, VBS, or other children's programs! More information

Keep Your Foot From Evil

The children will learn to act on what is good and not on what is evil.

Knock Knock

Children create a working craft to help them understand that they need to open their hearts to Jesus.

Lazarus Arise!

This craft helps children remember Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

Let Us Love One Another

A lesson about love from the midwives of Exodus 1:15-22.

Let Your Light Shine

Children learn that it is important to tell others about Jesus with this fun filled craft.

Lion Crackers

Lions become tasty treats for the kids as they remember how God protected Daniel in the lions' den.

Little People Puppet Stage

A delightful craft that allows kids to reenact Bible stories.

Looking Through God's Eyes

Kids have fun constructing their own pair of colorful binoculars to remind them that God is a God of love and justice.

Love Holds Us Together

The children will create a class craft to demonstrate God’s love.

Love Scepters

The children will make a craft about showing love as leaders.