Jesus is Alive!

Bible craft which reminds children of the true meaning of Easter.


Easter, Jesus, Resurrection


Card Stock
Egg Holder Template [PDF] Click here
Glue or Tape
Plastic Eggs and Candy (Optional)*


Approximately 10 minutes


Before class, print out enough Egg Holder templates so that each child can have at least one. It is best to print the templates on card stock, which is slightly heavier than regular paper.


Give each of the children one of the Egg Holder templates and have them cut along the dashed gray lines. Once the children have finished cutting out the egg holder, have them tape or glue the text portion "Jesus is Alive!" around to the opposite side of Jesus.

*Optional - If you would like, you could also give the children plastic eggs filled with candy. The kids could use the plastic eggs to help them make the egg holder the proper size, and it will make the craft a bit more memorable.


As the kids work on their projects tell them about the real reason for Easter. Explain to them that it may be fun to get candy and dye colorful eggs, but in reality, Easter reminds us that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Three days after He died and was laid to rest, He miraculously rose from the dead. After Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared and spoke to His followers. Jesus spent forty days with His followers, and before He went back to Heaven, He told them that He would return. One day, Jesus will come back!