Helping Hands

A great craft to teach children that they are never too young to help.


Family, Following Jesus, Giving, Helping


White wash cloth for each child
Acrylic paint
1 pie tin
1 fabric marker


Approximately 15 minutes

helping hands


Make sure you protect the children’s clothes from the paint. To do this, you should tell the children’s parents a week in advance to bring an old t-shirt. 


Pour a small amount of paint into a pie tin. As you do the activity, encourage the children to use their finished cloths at home to be helpers. They can use their cloths to dust or wash tables.

Have child lightly cover their palms and fingers with acrylic paint. Then have the child press their hands onto the cloth. Allow to dry, then write, "We are helpers" at the top. Underneath their hands write, "Colossians 3:23."

Sometimes kids may feel that they are too little to be of much help. Once they have completed this craft, they will be able to use the cloth to dust or wash the table. If they get energetic, they may even use the cloth to help mom or dad wash the car. This activity will show them that you are never too young to lend a helping hand!