Serve God Everyday

A Bible craft to help children remember how they can serve the Lord each day of the week. 
by Nan Arnold 


Helping, Obedience, Pleasing God, Responsibility, Serving 


Medium card stock
Copies of foot pattern for each child [PDF] Click here
Pictures of Bible club mascot or
clip art pictures of children [PDF] Click here
Clothespins (spring-clip type)
Glue, scissors
1/4 inch magnetic tape


Approximately 15 minutes


Print or copy the foot pattern onto medium card stock. Decide which one of the clip art pictures you wish to use and have enough on hand for each child. Cut the magnetic tape into 1-inch strips. (2 for each foot) You can also do some of the cutting and gluing of this craft before class depending on how much time you have and the ages of the children. 


Have the children first glue the Bible club's mascot or clip art pictures onto the clothespin. Then have them cut out the days of the week and glue these onto the foot using the small lines on the pattern as guides. The kids can color their foot if they wish. Next, have them peal off the backing from the magnetic tape and attach one strip near the top and one near the bottom on the back of the foot.

Explain to the kids that as they do a good deed or help around the house each day, they can move their clothespin to that day. This will help remind them to do at least one good deed every day of the week.