Noah Builds The Ark

Kids have fun building their own little ark with some happy animals.


Animals, Noah, Protection


Ark worksheet [PDF] Click here 
Animal worksheet [PDF] Click here 
Animal stickers (optional)
Construction paper
Yarn, crayons
Glue Sticks/Tape
Hole Punch


Approximately 20 minutes


Before class, print the Ark worksheet and the Animals worksheet. Cut out the Ark. Cut along the dotted lines of the Ark's door so that the door can open and close. Using the hole-puncher, punch out the two black circles on the top of the door. Glue the ark to a piece of construction paper using the glue stick. (Be careful not to glue the door shut.) Cut the animals out from the Animals printout or if you like, you can use animal stickers.
Cut 2 pieces of yarn approximately 7 or 8 inches long. You will need to cut out enough arks, animals, and yarn so that each child in class has their own copy. 


The children will take the animals you cut out (Or they can use the animal stickers you purchased from a local store) and paste them in the opening of the Ark's door. The next step will be to have the kids thread the yarn through one of the holes in the Ark's door. Tape one end of the yarn to the door. Tape the other end of the yarn to the side of the ark, just beyond the opening of the door. Repeat for the other side of the door. Next, have the children color the sides and roof of their Arks.


As the kids work on their project, ask them what it would have been like to be in the ark with all those animals. What kid of sounds would they hear? What kind of food would the animals eat?