Noah Listens

Kids make masks of Noah and the animals which can be used in games, skits, and songs.


Animals, Listening, Noah, Obedience


Paper plates
Craft Sticks, Transparent Tape
Character pictures (See below)


Approximately 15 minutes



Before class, print and cut out copies of the character pictures shown below. Ideally, you will want to have two of each animal. If you have a small class, you can give the children two pictures of the same animal. 

 bearClick here
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ape Click here
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 Noah's wife
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Give the children a characture picture, a paper plate, and a craft stick. First, have the children tape their picture to a paper plate. Then, have them tape a craft stick to the back of the paper plate for a handle. Use the picture of Noah to illustrate how to complete the craft. Children can make more than one mask.


A long time ago, a man named Noah loved God very much. Noah and his family were the only ones left in the whole world that continued to love and obey God. God was going to send a flood to cover the entire earth, but before He did, He told Noah to build an ark and collect two of every kind of animal. Noah listened and obeyed God. He did everything just as God said.

We made paper plate masks of some of the animals Noah put on the Ark. Help me name some others. (Take time to let the children name all kinds of animals.) We can use the masks we made today to act out the story, play a game or even sing a song! 

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