God is Holy

Bible craft to remind children that God is holy.
by Leah Pittsinger


Holiness, Knowing God


Colored construction paper
3-4 Glue sticks, marker
Pre-drawn Shapes Click here (crosses, hearts, music notes, praying hands, Bibles, etc) 
Glitter glue (for the “Increased-difficulty” option)


Approximately 15 minutes

 god is holy


Print and cutout the shapes. Write, “God is Holy” at the top of each piece of paper with a marker. Disperse the pre-drawn shapes and glue sticks along the table(s) so the children can choose which shapes to use.


Before starting the craft explain what each of the shapes represent. Allow each child to pick their desired color of construction paper. Then ask them to pick shapes that remind them of God’s holiness, or perfection, and glue them to their paper (assist younger children with glue application). As they work, tell the children that because God is holy He requires a payment for sin. Jesus died to pay for our sins so we can know God and go to Heaven. Also, encourage the children to praise God for His holiness through prayer, singing, reading the Bible, and telling others about Him.

Time-Saving Option: Cut bigger and fewer shapes so the children will not have as many items to glue.

Increased-Difficulty Option: Let the children pick the shape they feel most represents God’s holiness and decorate it with glitter glue.