The Greatest Love

The children will create a craft to show that God’s love is the greatest love of all.
by Leah Pittsinger




Manila paper or card stock
Colored construction paper
Black marker
Safety scissors
Glue sticks


Approximately 10 minutes

biggest love


Write “The Greatest Love” at the top of each manila paper. Then, using various colors of construction paper, cut out one large heart for each child. Write “GOD” in the middle of each large heart. Then cut out at least three smaller hearts for every child.


Explain to the class that God’s love is the greatest, so He gets the biggest heart(s)! Allow the children to choose a large heart and three smaller hearts in their desired colors. Then ask each child to name additional people who love them and help them write one name on each of the smaller hearts. Then the children may glue the hearts on their papers as a reminder that God’s love is the greatest!

Time-Saving Option: Instead of using small hearts, simply write the additional names outside of the large heart.

Increased-Difficulty Option: Prepare multiple sheets of traced hearts and allow the children to choose and cut out their own pieces.