My Gift for Dad

Children make a special wheel to give to dad that shows how much they love him.


Father's Day, Love


Gift Wheel craft sheet for each child [PDF] Click here
Gift Wheel craft sheet to color (optional) [PDF] Click here
Brass brad
Glue sticks
Construction paper
Stick-on magnets (optional)


Approximately 12 minutes

My gift to dad wheel


Before class, print enough copies of the craft sheet shown above so you will have one for each child. Follow the instructions to cut out the wheel and arrow. Cut circles, slightly larger than the wheel, from colorful construction paper. 


Older children can do some of the construction during class. For younger children, do all the cutting and fasten the arrow to the wheel before class. The children can glue their wheel to the colorful round circle cut from construction paper. If using magnet, the children can then fasten the magnet to the back of their craft.


God gave us many gifts, and one of the gifts He gave to us is our dad. Our dad loves us very much. The best way we can show we love him is to give something from our heart. This wheel will give your dad the opportunity to let you know what he wants most, and it is something you can give.

Share with the kids what is on the wheel. Let them know that they are to give the wheel to their dad to display somewhere, and when they see the arrow pointing to one of the activities, they are to do that activity for their dad.

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