Sunday school activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Obey Your Mother

This activity helps children understand that God wants us to remember our parents' teachings.

Obstacles And Opposition

The children will have fun seeing how hard they have to work to build a structure after obstacles are introduced into the mix.

Official Messengers

The children will learn that they are messengers for God.

Oil And Water

A fun experiment to introduce children to one of the properties of oil while helping them gain an understanding of how oil was used during biblical times.

Old Things, New Things

The children will divide new and old items to discover how Jesus changes hearts.

One Block At A Time

Children discover which types of activities help them build a solid foundation on Jesus Christ

One Team Number

Children will understand that they belong to one team—God's team.

Orange You Special

God created people who are different, but all are special in His eyes. A sweet activity using oranges.

Out Of The Cave

Children have fun creating their own caves. Then, they help David and Saul get out from deep inside. (1 Samuel 24)

Outdoor Love

The children will go on a nature walk to observe God’s love as shown through nature.

Palm Branch Maze

Children find their way to Jesus through a maze of palm branches.

Patience, Please

Children will be enticed to enter a tent filled with scrumptious candy, but encouraged to wait until the end of the class, because then it will be even better.

Paying For Sin

The children will participate in an activity to teach them that only Jesus can pay for sin.

Perfect Picks

This activity introduces children to the importance of making good choices.

Picture Balloons

The children will tape prayer requests onto balloons.

Picture Perfect Verses

An interactive activity that helps children memorize simple Bible verses.

Play-Doh Leaders

The children will take turns leading the class to make play-doh creations.

Power Of The Cross

Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins, and give us a way back to God.

Practice Makes Perfect

This activity will help children recognize the feeling of jealousy, and learn how to be thankful for the good fortune of others.

Praise Hand Print

The children will use a hand print to praise God through prayer.

Prayer Of Contentment

The children will identify discontentment or contentment in their own hearts.

Prayer Picture Scrolls

The children will draw pictures of prayer requests.

Prayer's Power Of Protection

The children will enjoy a brief activity that will teach them how to apply prayer's power of protection.

Prepare The Warrior

Children review the different parts of God's Armor needed to prepare for spiritual battle.

Psalm 23 Train Station

Children will enjoy taking a journey around the classroom to help remember Psalm 23.

Psalm 5 Kids Prayer

The children will practice creating their own prayers.