Power of the Cross

Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins, and give us a way back to God. 


Cross, Easter, Forgiveness, Salvation


Masking tape
5 large pieces of posterboard (At least 18 inches by 24 inches)


Approximately 10 minutes

jesus with cross 


Use the masking tape to create two parallel lines eight to ten feet apart. There should be plenty of room for the children to line up behind one of the lines. The lines will represent the edges of a deep canyon. You will use the poster board to create a large cross, and place it between the two lines like the example below. Then you will have the children use the cross like a bridge to walk across to the other side of the canyon to be with God. Have the children all line up behind one of the lines before continuing.


 power of the cross example


Sometimes we do things that are wrong. Can anyone give me an example of something that is wrong? (Allow for answers and provide help if needed.)

When we do something that is wrong, no matter how small, it is called sin. Sin separates us from God. Let's pretend that these two lines are the edges of a deep canyon. We are on one side and God is waiting for us on the other. However, because we sometimes do things that are wrong, we cannot get across. Does anyone think he or she can jump all the way to the other side of the canyon?

Jesus died on the cross so our sins can be forgiven. When we say we are sorry, Jesus forgives our sins and He makes a way for us to get across to where God is in Heaven. (Take the poster board pieces and create a cross between the two lines. Quickly tape the pieces together for added stability.)

The cross is like a bridge. Because of Jesus, we have a way to get back to God. (Let the children walk across to the other side while holding hands.)