Sunday school activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

A Good Friend

An activity to show children how God can use our friends to help in times of need and how we should have patience to let God answer our prayers.

A Kind Search

The children will learn to look for ways to be kind.

A Piece Of Saul's Robe

In this coloring activity, children help King Saul find the missing corner of his robe that was cut off by David.

A Secret Message

The children will discover a secret message about Jesus.

Airplane Prayers

A fun team building activity that helps teach children to pray for others.

All Around Town

A fun activity that teaches the importance of having a dependable map.

Balloon Thoughts

Do you ever wonder what is inside your friends’ heads? Jesus wants us to put Him first in our thoughts.

Be Quiet! Be Still!

A fun pretending activity to show how Jesus can calm the storms in a young person's life.

Being In Heaven

In this activity, children choose some of the things they would like to be able to do in Heaven.

Biblical Time Travel

Children love to pretend. This fun, make-believe activity prepares the children for today’s Bible lesson.

Birds Of The Air

A counting and coloring activity that helps children learn their left from their right, while learning that God cares for the creatures He has created.


An activity to help children realize some of the hardships of being blind.

Boaz Was Kind

While completing this activity children will learn about Boaz’s kindness to Ruth and Naomi.

Born Of The Spirit

Children connect the pictures that belong together while learning the difference between being born on earth and being born again of the Spirit.

Box Surprise

The children will guess the contents of each box to learn about living for Jesus.

Build And Protect

This activity will help young children gain an understanding of the obstacles that Nehemiah faced while rebuilding the wall.

Build It Together

Children learn how teamwork can benefit our Christian service as they have fun building a structure together.

Building The Church

The children will have fun building a church using their bodies.

Burning Bush Maze

Children find their way through the maze of branches in the burning bush seen by Moses.

Busy Or Growing Closer To Jesus?

An activity to help young children know how and when they are giving proper attention to Jesus.