Sunday school activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Giants In The Land

An "I Spy" activity based on Israel's search for the "Promised Land"

Gifts For Jesus

This activity provides the children with three gifts that they can give to Jesus to celebrate Him and His birthday at Christmas.

Gifts From The Heart

This activity will teach children that God does not care if our gift is large or small, but rather He looks at the heart from which the gift was given.

Gifts Of Thanks

The children will open gifts to discover different ways to show thankfulness.

Give God Your Best

Children will color two pages, one sloppy, and the other as neat as possible, to learn how God desires the best from us.

Giving And Receiving

The children will enjoy an activity that will demonstrate how to give and receive.

Giving My Best

A fun activity to show how making the right choice is always the best.

Giving Stickers

The children will enjoy receiving a sticker to enlighten them of their feelings and expressions when giving and receiving.

Go The Extra Mile

Children will practice going the extra mile to show love to their enemies.

Go Through Jesus Maze

Children must go through Jesus to complete this maze. There is no other way.

Go To The Jordan River

A singing, jumping, lively journey to the Jordan River to find John the Baptist.

God Gives Us Tasty Things To Eat

Children enjoy coloring their favorite foods as they learn that all good things come from God.

God Is Great

The children will find pictures to learn about God.

God Is My Helper

The children will discover just how much God provides and helps us.

God Is With Me When I'm Scared

Print an activity page for each child in class.

God Knows Best

This puzzle teaches an important truth and helps children improve their fine motor skills.

God Loves Me!

A fun writing and coloring activity that teaches children that God loves them

God Provides

An activity to help the children understand that God provides for everyone in different ways.

God Speaks In Many Ways

Children discover some of the many ways God speaks to those who follow Him.

God's Star

A coloring activity to help the children learn that God loves them and knows them by name.

God's Sticky Mercy

This activity will stick in the children’s memories as they participate in an activity about God’s mercy.

God's Word

A fun writing activity that teaches children about the Bible.

Good Deeds

Children discover the importance of doing good deeds for others.

Good Fruit, Yucky Fruit

The children will learn that we produce good things when we obey God.

Good Or Bad Decision?

The children will identify decisions that please and displease the Lord.

Good Or Bad King?

The children will respond to prompts that describe good and bad kings.

Good Or Bad News?

The children will learn that sometimes we receive good news, whereas other times we receive bad news. Either way, our response to the news is the most important part.

Goodness And Mercy

The children will enjoy creating footprints to understand that goodness and mercy follow believers all the days of their lives.

Got Fish?

An old favorite but with a few new surprises.

Grumble Jar

The children will reflect on all the things about which they grumble, argue, and complain. They will repent and ask God for forgiveness.

Guess What You Hear?

Children guess which sounds are made by different items, and learn that Jesus knows exactly who we are when we pray.

Hard Questions

Children learn that wisdom comes from the Lord and that we all have pieces of wisdom.

Have Compassion

The children learn about compassion by matching the events and coloring pictures.

Head To Heart

A simple puzzle helps young children connect head knowledge with the heart when learning about Jesus.

Healthy Choices

An activity to help children think about making healthy choices.

Heart Of The Matter

The children will understand that there are many benefits when giving with a cheerful heart.

Hearts Of Love Hunt

An Activity and a Craft where children search for missing hearts that once found make a special gift of love.

Hello, My Name Is...

Children have fun guessing whose name belongs to whom as they pretend to be like some very special people in the Bible.

Help Me Get Well

An activity for preschoolers to identify items that can be used to help people get well.

Help Us Grow

Children learn that God wants us to grow both physically and spiritually.

Helpful Discoveries

The children will discover items they can use to help others.

His Love Endures Forever

The children will create a paper chain to learn about God’s forever love.

Honor Balloons

This activity will help children identify different ways to honor God.

How Jesus Fed Five Thousand

Children match the correct basket to the number of loaves and fish shown.

How Many Loaves?

Children learn about God’s provision through this cut-and-paste activity.

How Tall Was The King's Statue?

A fun activity to help help younger children understand how tall King Nebuchadnezzar's golden statue was.

Hugging Hearts Collage

The class will create a group project about forgiveness.