Giving My Best

A fun activity to show how making the right choice is always the best.


Behavior, Child of God, Choices, Pleasing God


3 sheets of paper, marked with the letters A, B, and C


Approximately 10 minutes

best foot forward


Select three corners or sections of the room, and mark with one of the paper sheets displaying A, B, or C


Explain to the kids you will read several situations, and then give them the chance to run and gather under with A, B, or C to indicate their choice. You may need to do a couple of trial runs to get the activity started.

Next, read the following situations, and options. If the children feel the correct answer is A, they run to be in the A section, if B is the correct answer, they run to the B section, etc. Explain what the best choice would have been after everyone has moved to a section.

1. Your mom tells you it's time go to bed, do you:
     A.) Say, "Not now, I'm busy"     B.) Go right to bed      C.) Don't know what to do

2. You finish playing with your new toy, that has many pieces, do you:
     A.) Walk away and do something else      B.) Ask you older brother or sister to put it away for you
     C.) Put the toy away neatly before doing something else

3. You are visiting relatives and for dinner they give you something you don't like, do you:
    A.) Eat it anyway without complaining     B.) Stomp your foot down and push the plate away
    C.) Tell them you hate it and ask for something else

4. A friend comes over and wants the same toy you are playing with, do you:
    A.) Keep the toy for yourself     B.) Keep the toy and ask your friend to play together with you
    C.) Give the toy to your friend and pick something else

5. It's time to go to church, but you are not dressed, do you;
    A.) Hurry up and get dressed so no one is late     B.) Make up an excuse not to go to church this time
    C.) Not sure what you would do

6. You want to bring an offering to God next Sunday, do you:
    A.) Ask mom or dad for something to give     B.) Look for some extra coins laying around the house
    C.) Bring some of your allowance that you have earned