Sunday school activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

I Can Learn About God

Children make a small book that teaches them about God.

I Can Obey

This activity reminds children that it is important to obey their parents.

I Spy A Giant Killer

An "I Spy" activity based on David and Goliath.

I Want That One

(Coloring Activity) As followers of Jesus, we should not have favorites, but love everyone.

I Want The New

The children will enjoy learning why it is so fun to have new things and connect it with why God wants us to desire new things in Christ.

I Want To Hold On Tight

The children will enjoy learning why it is important sometimes to let go and let God.

I Will Honor God

The children will participate in an activity to help them identify ways to honor God.

If We Are In Christ

The children will have fun singing a song and walking around while learning a Bible verse.

Immanuel - God With Us

A colorful activity to help the children see that God is with us in the person of Jesus, as described in Matthew 1:23.

Importance Of Forgiveness

Children learn the importance of forgiving others, as God forgives us.

It's A Beautiful World

Children discover that God created each kind of animal and gave them all a special place to live

Itchy, Smelly Bed

Children create the manger scene, but first they must find all the parts.

Jealous Or Thankful?

This activity helps children understand that our jealousy is wrong but thankfulness is right.

Jesus And The Soldiers

The children will complete a maze and learn about Jesus’ death.

Jesus And The Soldiers Story Book

The children will create a book to retell the story of Jesus and the soldiers.

Jesus Holds Everything Together

The children will work together and learn about Jesus’ ability to hold everything together.

Jesus In A Manger

Children use size and shape to add missing objects to this scene before coloring.

Jesus Is His Name

A fun Christmas activity that will take the children back to the day when Jesus was born.

Jesus Is...

With this activity, children select five pictures that describe who Jesus is.

Jesus Loves You!

Children enjoy solving the puzzle, while learning an important truth.

Jonah Rhyme

The children will learn a rhyme about Jonah.

Jonah Stick Puppets

The children will create puppets and then use them to retell the story of Jonah.

Joseph In Egypt - Count And Color

Students learn about grouping items together using Joseph's adventures in Egypt as the basis of the activity.

Joseph's Beautiful Coat

As children obey instructions, they get to help create a color coat, like the one which was given to Joseph.

Joseph's Coat Of Many Colors

Children learn about mixing colors, while creating a coat of many colors for Joseph.