I Will Honor God

The children will participate in an activity to help them identify ways to honor God.
by Leah Pittsinger


Honor God, Knowing God


Activity page for each child [PDF] Click here
Answer blocks [PDF] Click here
Scissors, markers or crayons, tape


Approximately 15 minutes

honor god


Print an activity page for each child.
Print the answer blocks and cut out each block of answers. (Each page contains three sets of answer blocks.)


Have the children write their names on top of the Activity Page. The first row of the Answer Blocks corresponds to the first entry on the Activity page of how they will choose to honor God at home, and so on for the following two Answer Blocks and entries on the Activity Page. Read the first option aloud: I will honor God at home by obeying, have them cut out the blue word and tape it to their paper. If they plan to honor God at home by praying, have them cut out the black word and tape it to their paper. 

Repeat the process for the other two scenarios.

Time-Saving Option: Cut out a set of answer blocks for each student ahead of time.

Increased-Difficulty Option: Allow the children to cut out their own answer blocks.