Sunday school activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Walking On Water

Kids pretend to walk on water by stepping on some friendly creatures.

Watching And Praying

Children learn how to watch and pray to keep them from sinning or being tempted to disobey.

Ways We Care

Children take turns showing some of the ways they can show kindness and care for others.

We Need God

A connect-the-pictures activity page where the children see that most of all, we need God.

What Can God Do?

Children learn that God can do anything that He wants to do. We pray according to His Will.

What Comes First

Children discover that many things in life need to be completed in a logical order.

What Do I Need?

This activity helps children understand that God is fair when He supplies our needs.

What Do You Hear?

Children playfully come to understand that God speaks to us in a still, quiet voice.

What Do You See?

A fun activity that helps children learn to pay attention to details.

What Is Broken?

The children will learn that many times broken things can be repaired when we ask God for help and wisdom.

What Is Inside?

The children will enjoy a fun activity that teaches the importance of getting to know someone before passing judgment.

What Is Jesus Doing?

By identifying some of the things Jesus is doing, the kids learn more about their Heavenly Father

What's In Your Basket?

An activity to show the children how God provides in many different ways.

What's The Difference?

An activity to help children think about living their lives for God.

Where Did Jesus Go?

In this fun activity, children will get an idea about where Jesus went after He died on the cross, and what He is preparing for those who believe in Him.

Where Is The Helper?

The children will identify the helpers in the pictures.

Where Will You Place Your Coin?

Children will learn that God gives them ideas of where and how to give.

Who Do I Love?

The children will draw portraits of the people they love.

Who Do You Think About?

This activity encourages children to reflect on those they think about the most and encourage these people to live for Christ.

Who Is Forgiving?

This activity helps children learn that it pleases God when we forgive others.

Who Is God's Helper?

Children circle the pictures that show who is being a good helper for God.

Who Is Helping?

The children will identify helpers and color the pictures.

Who Is Jesus?

Children describe who Jesus is with the help of a few pictures.

Who Is My Master?

Children will have fun connecting the similarities between a pet hearing its owner’s voice and sheep knowing their shepherd’s voice.

Who Is My Mommy?

A Mother's Day coloring activity. First the children connect the babies with their correct mommy, then color the pictures.

Who Is The Lost Sheep?

Children take turns being the lost sheep while the shepherd guesses who is missing from the flock.

Who Needs Our Prayers?

An activity to help the children learn that everyone needs our prayers.

Who Should We Obey?

Some people we should obey, others we should not, but we should always follow and obey Jesus.

Who Will Obey?

Children decide which cartoon characters chose to obey.

Who's A Big Kid Now?

In this activity, the children learn how important it is to follow exactly the orders given by adults.

Who's Job Is It?

Children match up the cartoon characters with the jobs they do.

Win The Prize

The children will learn that the believer’s prize is eternity in Heaven.

Wise Men Search For Jesus

Children use the letter B to help the wise men find baby Jesus.

Worship God

A counting and coloring activity that teaches children about worship.