What Do I Need?

This activity helps children understand that God is fair when He supplies our needs.
by Leah Pittsinger


Fairness, Knowing God


Props: cowboy hat, play food, gloves, swimming goggles, small gardening spade, umbrella, dog leash, paintbrush
Large bag (to hold the props)


Approximately 10 minutes

cowboy hat and goggles 


Place the props inside the bag.


Explain to the class that God is fair, so He gives us exactly what we need. Read each “pretend” prompt and choose a volunteer to find the correct prop to satisfy the need. Allow the children to hold or wear the props until the activity is complete.
1. Pretend you are a cowboy. What do you need? (Cowboy hat.)
2. Pretend you are hungry. What do you need? (Play food.)
3. Pretend you are going to build a snowman. What do you need? (Gloves.)
4. Pretend you are going swimming. What do you need? (Swimming goggles.)
5. Pretend you are going to plant a garden. What do you need? (Small gardening spade.)
6. Pretend it is raining. What do you need? (Umbrella.)
7. Pretend you are going to walk a dog. What do you need? (Dog leash.)
8. Pretend you are going to paint a picture. What do you need? (Paintbrush.)

Tell the class how each prop satisfies the need (such as the cowboy hat protecting a cowboy’s head from the hot sun). Reiterate that God is fair and does no wrong, so we can trust that He will always give us what we need.

Time-Saving Option: Lay the props out on a table for easier access.

Increased-Difficulty Option:  Add props that have nothing to do with the prompts.