Sunday school activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Eat A Locust

An ugly but tasty snack activity to remember John the Baptist.

Egyptian Discovery Bin

An exploratory​ activity that help children learn about Egypt.​

Evidence Of The Invisible

An activity to help children understand the invisible world around them.

Exploring The Gifts Of The Wise Men

In this activity, children will use their senses to explore similar gifts to those that the wise men gave Jesus, and they will learn how valuable these gifts were.

Extend Your Hand

The children will enjoy reflecting and drawing things that they have enjoyed giving to others.

Eyes Of The Heart

Let the eyes of the children's hearts be enlightened as they solve this puzzle. Ephesians 1:18

Eyes Of The Lord

A coloring and drawing activity to reveal how good it is to have the eyes of the Lord watching over us all the time.

Fairness Treasures

This activity helps children learn that God is fair when He gives us treasures.

Faith Wall

The children will learn what it takes to build a “wall” of faith.

Fear Not!

Children will acknowledge their fears and learn how to trust in the Lord.

Fix The Pictures

The children will learn that it takes action to make something right.

Following God's Instructions

Children learn the importance of following God's instructions.

Forgive From The Heart

The children will race to the heart while learning about forgiveness.

Forgiveness Is A Gift Of Love

A counting activity that teaches children that forgiveness is a gift of love.

Forgiveness Puzzle

The children will color and create puzzles as a reminder to forgive.

Forgiveness Web

The children will have fun practicing telling each other that they forgive each other.

Friends Rub Off

Children see how friends, whether good or bad, can easily rub off on us.

From Last To First

In this activity, children demonstrate that sometimes it pays to be last.

From The Wilderness

The children will complete a maze and color the pictures to remind them to serve God by telling others about Jesus.

Fruit Loop Prayer

The children will practice praying by using fruit loops.