Fairness Treasures

This activity helps children learn that God is fair when He gives us treasures.
by Leah Pittsinger


Fairness, Knowing God


Paper lunch sacks
Permanent marker
2-5 small treasures for each child (such as pencils, erasers, stickers, candy, small balls or toys, etc)


Approximately 15 minutes



Place 2-5 treasures in each lunch sack (without labeling or marking the sacks in any way). Fold the tops down so the children cannot see the contents. Place the bags on the table or on the floor within reach of the children.


Tell the class that God is always fair in choosing treasures for us! These treasures are also know as talents. For example, one child may be good at singing while another child is good at drawing. Allow each child to pick a sack and open the top to view the treasures inside. Then ask the children to give away the treasures to other kids in class just as God gives treasures to us! Facilitate the activity by ensuring that each child gets at least two treasures. Talk about being thankful for the talents (treasures) God has given us, even though they are different, because God is always fair and creates each of us in a special way. Lastly, write each child’s name on his or her sack, so he or she can identify his or her bag of treasures.