Honor Balloons

This activity will help children identify different ways to honor God.
by Leah Pittsinger


Honor, Knowing God


10 large balloons
Permanent marker
Large garbage sack


Approximately 10 minutes



Inflate the balloons. Then write one of the following words on each balloon with a permanent marker:
 01. Lie
 02. Kind
 03. Mean
 04. Share
 05. Hit
 06. Disobey
 07. Pray
 08. Argue
 09. Thank
10.  Help

Place the balloons in the large garbage sack for easy, yet controlled, access.


Sit in a circle on the floor with the children. Explain to them that the word “honor” means letting God be the leader in our lives and obeying Him because He is our powerful creator. Ask the children to state some ways they honor their parents (by listening, helping, being respectful, etc). Then ask them to come up with ways they do not honor their parents. Help the children understand that the same ways they honor their parents are ways they can honor God.

Pull the balloons out of the garbage sack one by one. Show the class the word on each balloon and read it out loud. Then ask for a volunteer to state if the word honors God. If the answer is no, then the volunteer can sit on the balloon to pop it. If the answer is yes, then set the balloon on the floor where the children can see it. Once each balloon has either been popped or placed on the floor, review the various ways the children can honor God.