God's Sticky Mercy

This activity will stick in the children’s memories as they participate in an activity about God’s mercy.
by Leah Pittsinger


Knowing God, Mercy


Posterboard, black marker, self-stick note pads


Approximately 10 minutes

sticky mercy


Draw a body outline on the poster board (similar to that of a gingerbread man) and set it on the floor.


Ask the children to sit with you in a circle around the poster. Then, place one sticky notepad between every two children. Explain that God is merciful and gives us second chances when we do bad things because He loves us. Instruct the class to pick up a sticky note every time you read a prompt and place the note somewhere on the poster to show that God’s mercy “covers” our sin.

Say, “God’s mercy covers me when…”
1. I don’t share.
2. My words are mean or hateful.
3. I get angry.
4. I hit someone.
5. I disobey my parents.
6. I take a friend’s toy.
7. I’m impatient.
8. I tease a friend.

Tell the children that we shouldn’t keep doing bad things just because God is merciful. Explain that we should be thankful for His mercy because it protects us from the forever punishment of our sin (being separated from God when we die). Point out that the entire body on the poster is covered in sticky notes, just like our bodies are covered by God’s mercy. Also, emphasize that God’s mercy allows us to have a change of heart. When we repent or turn away from sin, we can join Jesus and follow Him.

Timesaving Option: Place several sticky notes on the poster ahead of time.

Increased-Difficulty Option: Ask the children to come up with additional times when God shows us mercy.