Give God Your Best

Children will color two pages, one sloppy, and the other as neat as possible, to learn how God desires the best from us. 


Behavior, Child of God, Giving, Pleasing God


2 coloring pages for each child [PDF] Click here
Crayons or colored marker
Stopwatch (optional)


Approximately 10 minutes

offering bowl


Before class, print out two coloring pages for each child.


Give the children one page to color first. Explain to the children that they are to color it as fast as they can, even if it is sloppy and not within the lines. You may want to tell them they only have one minute to complete the picture and give a count down as the time nears the end. Then, give them the second page, and instruct them to take their time and do their very best coloring this time.

After finished, you will ask the children which picture they think God would like best. Then ask them if they were to give one of them to God, which one would they give Him. Explain that we cannot always be perfect, but God wants us to do the best we can. He also wants us to worship and adore Him and behave in a way that shows we are His children.

Have the children take both pictures home and ask if they can tape them to their wall for a few days. The pictures will be a constant reminder that God is pleased when we do our best.