Hearts of Love Hunt

An Activity and a Craft where children search for missing hearts that once found make a special gift of love. 


Love, Sharing, Valentine's Day


Different colored paper hearts (at least one for each child)
Colored construction paper, Markers, Glue sticks


Approximately 20 minutes

heart card 


Before class, cut out enough hearts (about 4" in size) from colored construction paper, and hide in various places in the classroom.


You will hide colored hearts in various places around the classroom for the children to find. Make sure you place the hearts in places that are easy to find for the younger children, such as in corners of the room, on top of tables, taped to the wall, etc. For older children, you may want to hide some under chairs, or behind doors, etc.

A suggestion is to let the children find as many hearts as they can, and then once all of the hearts are collected, have them share with anyone who did not find one. This way you can also teach the benefits of sharing.

After every child has a heart, have them return to their table, and give each one a piece of construction paper, markers and a glue stick to make a card for someone using the heart that they found. Write the words, “I LOVE YOU” on the board, and have the kids duplicate those words somewhere on their card using a marker in the same color.