Patience, Please

Children will be enticed to enter a tent filled with scrumptious candy, but encouraged to wait until the end of the class, because then it will be even better. 


Blessings, Heaven, Patience, Rewards


Small pop-up tent (or large bed sheet and chairs)
Candy (Individually wrapped)


A few minutes at the beginning, middle, and end of class



Before class, set up a small pop-up tent, or make one using a bed sheet and chairs.


Part 1
As children arrive, they will be curious about the tent, and will probably want to go inside, but tell them to wait until everyone arrives. After everyone arrives, throw more pieces of candy into the tent, one for each child. Let the children see it.

Ask the childen, "Who would like to go into the tent and grab some candy? Not yet. You need to be patient, because if you wait until the end of class, it will much be better.  The Bible says, 'If we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.' (Romans 8:25) The Bible also says, 'Blessed are those who wait for Jesus.'" (Isaiah 30:18)

Occasionally during the class, put some more candy inside the tent, while encouraging the kids still to wait. Repeat the saying, "If you wait until the end of the class, it will be much better."

Part 2
Near the end of the class, add one more piece of candy for everyone, and praise the kids for being so patient. Now let them enter the tent and take an equal number of pieces of candy. As the children proudly carry out their treasures, let them know that God can always be trusted to give us only the best. Let them know that the ultimate treasure from being patient will be when we are with Jesus in Heaven.