Orange You Special

God created people who are different, but all are special in His eyes. A sweet activity using oranges. 


Creation, Love, Self-Worth


Bag of oranges (one orange for each child)


Approximately 10 minutes



Place all the oranges in a basket, bowl or bag, and have the children come and take one orange back to their seat. Inform them to take good care of their orange, not to eat it, make marks on it, squeeze it etc. When everyone has an orange, have the children carefully examine their orange. Tell them to look for anything that would help them tell their orange from any other. Then, after a few minutes, collect all the oranges lay them out on another table. Let the children come up and see if they can pick out the same orange they had before.

Note: for younger children, it may help to draw different faces on the oranges so they can tell the oranges apart. For an example of a group of oranges with faces, click here.


Like these oranges, all of us are different in one way or another. However, we are all made by God, and He knows each one of us from top to bottom, inside and out. God knows everything about us, and never gets us confused. We are very special to Him, and He wants us to love one another no matter how someone looks or acts. An orange is sweet no matter who eats it. Therefore, we should be nice to others no matter who they are. Let us go ahead now and eat our orange.