Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

This visual activity helps children identify their feelings as they say and hear the words "thank you."
by Kristy Thornton


Blessing, Thankfulness


Paper, crayons, tape
Letter Print Out [PDF] Click here


Approximately 10 minutes

thank you


Today, we are going understand the purpose of a special phrase. Each of you will get a letter. Each of you will color and decorate your letter. When you are done, we are going to put our letters together and see what it spells. (Optional for small classes: Some of you may get another letter if you finish before others.)

Now that we are all finished, I am going to call out a letter. If you have the letter I call out, raise it high in the air and I will call on someone sitting patiently. You will bring your letter up to me and I will to tape it to the wall. Some letters are the same, but do not worry; all the letters will get used. (Call out the letters one at a time to spell “Thank you,  Thank you, Thank you.”)

Discussion Questions:
1. Does anyone know what we have just spelled? (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.)
2. Have you ever been so thankful that you had to say thank you more than once? (Allow children to answer.)
3. Why do you think you said thank you more than once? (Allow children to answer. Maybe they were so excited, joyful, overwhelmed with happiness, or just so thankful that someone did something nice, etc.)

It is pleasing to the ears to hear the words “thank you,” and even more exciting to hear them with joy and excitement.
When we thank God, we should do so with joy and excitement.