The Garden of Eden

Children enjoy completing a make-believe picture of the Garden of Eden by adding missing pieces. 


Adam and Eve, Creation


Garden of Eden Scenery
Missing pieces cutout page
Glue, Crayons or markers


Approximately 15 minutes

 garden of eden
Print items
Option 1
Option 2
Black and White to color during class
1. Garden of Eden scene
2. Missing Pieces Cutout Page


Choose one of the options above. Before class, print out copies of the "Garden of Eden scene," and the "Missing Pieces Cutout Page" on card stock. You will need at least one set for each child. Older children may be able to cut out the missing pieces during class; however, for younger children, you will want to cut them out ahead of time and place them inside a small envelope to give to each child when it is time to work on the activity.

Each child should figure out what is missing from the Garden of Eden scene, and glue the appropriate picture where it belongs. For example, the fish should be glued next to the other fish, the bird next to the other bird, etc. If you chose the black and white version, allow some additional time for the children to color their completed picture.


The Bible says that God created the whole world. He created the clouds, the rivers, the trees, the fish, and the animals. He even created the first man and woman, named Adam and Eve. God placed them in a beautiful garden called the Garden of Eden.

We have a picture of a garden. It looks like a nice place doesn't it? However, some things are missing. Some of the characters are lonely. Maybe we can complete the picture by adding some characters in the places where they belong. When we finish, we will have a better idea of what the whole Garden of Eden was like, just like in the Bible.