Thanksgiving Plate

A fun activity that helps remind children of the many things for which they should be grateful.
by Kristy Thornton 


Blessing, Provision, Thankfulness


Thanksgiving Plate activity page [PDF] Click here
Glue sticks, scissors, crayons, paper plates
Envelopes (Optional)


Approximately 15 minutes



Before class, print out one copy of the activity page for each child in class.

Depending on the age of the children, you may want to cut out a set of pictures for each child in class and place each set of pictures in a separate envelope. The envelopes will then be distributed to the children during the activity.


We are going to have a Thanksgiving feast in a different way. Each of you will prepare your own Thanksgiving plate. Instead of filling our plates with food, we are going to fill them with things that we are thankful for and give thanks to God for each item. Each of you will get a plate. Write your name on the back of the plate. You can choose as many pictures as you like to put on your plate. Glue the pictures of the items you are thankful for onto your plate. Each time you glue a new picture on your plate thank God for that item.  

For example, I might glue on a picture of my family, teacher, or pet. I would then say, “Thank You God for my family. Thank You God for my teachers. Thank You God for my pets.”

After children have finished their plates allow them to share what they are thankful for and why.