Showing Thanksgiving

Children will identify behaviors that show thanksgiving. 


Gratitude, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving


Activity page for each child [PDF] Click here


Approximately 10 minutes

girl praying 


Before class, print an activity page for each child.


Hand out the activity sheet and ask the children to circle all pictures that show a little boy or girl who is being thankful. Tell them to put an X through the pictures of a child who is not being thankful.

Once the children have finished the activity, go through each of the pictures and discuss the different ways we can show that we are thankful. For example:

  Picture 1 (Fighting shows selfishness. If you are thankful to God for what he has given, you will not fight.)
  Picture 2 (Being mad because you don't get your way is no way to be thankful. God wants you to be happy.)
  Picture 3 (You can show thanks by enjoying the time you spend with your parents or guardians.)
  Picture 4 (Eating what you are given without complaining is showing thanks.)
  Picture 5 (You can thank God for many things when you pray at night.)
  Picture 6 (You can show you are thankful for the things you have by taking care of them.)
  Picture 7 (Crying when you don't get your way is not being thankful.)
  Picture 8 (Why is this boy so grumpy looking? Show thanks by letting others enjoy your company.)

Finish the activity by explaining that God wants us to be happy. He provides many things for us to enjoy. When we are thankful for what God has provided, we will show it in the way we look and the way we act. The opposite is also true. Someone who does not appreciate God's Blessings will look and act unhappy.