Streamer Time

This activity will be a visual for the children to identify the colors in the rainbow and introduce them to one of God's most memorable covenants.
by Kristy Thornton 


Covenant, Promises, Rainbow


Colorful crepe paper, tissue paper, or construction paper
(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
Masking Tape


Approximately 5 minutes



Before class, tear long strips of crepe paper into streamers and lay them down on the table for the children to pick up and wave around. Using the masking tape, make a rainbow shape on the floor.


As you enter the room, please choose one of God’s colors and wave your streamer around in the air celebrating the color you chose. I will go around the room and ask you what color your streamer is. When I call on you, you will tell me the color of your streamer and place it in the middle of the circle.

(Call on the colors in order of the rainbow. If you have some with the same color, have them place their color beside the same color or on top. Call them in order starting with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.)

Now that all the streamers are in the middle of the circle, what is it that we have created? (Allow children to guess.) That is right! It is a rainbow. Today we are not just going to learn about rainbows and colors, but there is something more beautiful hidden in the colors of the rainbow. It is God’s everlasting covenant with the earth. We cannot see all the colors because there are so many shades. We cannot see all of the earth because it is so big, but God sees all the colors and all the earth. God made a covenant, promising that He would never flood the entire earth ever again.