Noah Matches Up the Animals

Children help Noah pair up the animals with this fun activity. 


Animals, Noah, Protection


Activity sheet for each child click here


Approximately 7 minutes



Before class, print enough copies of the worksheet so there will be one for each child.


Z First, read the story of Noah's Ark from the Bible or from a children's storybook Bible. Then, hand out the activity sheets and the crayons. Next, tell the children that they are going to help Noah pair up the animals by drawing different colored lines connecting animals that look the same. Pair up the giraffes using a red crayon. Pair up the turtles using a blue crayon. Pair up the lions using a green crayon. Pair the monkeys up using a yellow crayon and finally pair up the hippos using a black crayon.

As the children are working on their activity sheets ask them questions about Noah and the animals.

1) Where did Noah get the instructions on how to build the Ark?
2) Was it a big job or a little job to build the Ark?
3) Do you think Noah or any of the animals were scared of the upcoming flood?
4) Do you think Noah, his family and all the animals were calm because they knew God would take care of them?
5) Today, we read a story about how God protected Noah many years ago. Does God still protect us today?